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How to Talk to Japanese Girls

Japanese cultural to view marriage, relationship and love much more different compare with Western people.

The first thing you need to master before date a Japanese girls,is you need to understand the skill to communicate with Japanese girls. Refer below for few secret tips on what you should and should not do that you can refer on how to talk to Japanese girls.

1. Understand more about her. Find out more regrading her background. Ask her question and listen patiently. If you know her better than you got endless topic to talk with.

2. Ask her what she feel and opinion about something, example did she travel alone before and you really need to pay attention to her answers, to show that you really care what she actually expressing. Japanese girls is shy from the outside but they have strong stand point and own opinion which do not appreciate being dismissed like other women do. So, you need to respect what they talking and give your comment and opinion as well.

3. Do not lock yourself in the cage, exchanges your feeling and share your experience with her. Tell her more about yourself. Don’t paint yourself as cooler , richer or something hard to deal off. She will see through it and not be impressed. If she interested with you, i bet she also interested to know you more as much as you want to get to know her.

4. Invite her for a date as friend like a simple dinner or lunch before a serious date. Ask permission before make any body contact with her in public. They take it pretty seriously even if its just to hold her hand to cross a busy street.

5. Be polite when you speak to her and her’s family. Japanese have high level of politeness in term of respecting eldest especially when you talk to her family. Dishonoring her parents is a sure way to fall out of her good graces; Japanese are serious about respecting their elders.

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