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Is He Secretly in Love with You?

He might be too shy to tell you, but his words are not the only way you can find out.

I think every girls out there experiences this feeling : Is he in love with me? 

It’s not hard to find out if he really loves you. You can just ask him! OR if you are too shy or you are affraid it may freak him out, try looking out for signs like these :

1) He tries to stay connected with you. When a guy loves you, you are most likely to be on his mind all day long. In order to prevent losing you to other guys, they try to stay as connected to you as they possibly can. Especially when you guys are far apart, guys will constantly text or chat or even just a friendly poke to remind you of him.

2) He’s nice to your friends. They don’t have to, but if he does, then he must love you. Being nice to your friend will allow him to know you better and maybe even prove to you that he’s the one because all your friends like him too. He wants to try and be part of your life.

3) He questions you alot, especially about love. He may ask what are your views on love, or how will you react to the word “love”. It gives them a sort of preparation. If you show signs that you are disgusted with the word “Love” then he may back of immediately.

4) Holds you tight. And long. Either he’s holding your hands tightly, or hugging you tightly, or even kissing you tightly…and long, its his way of showing that he loves you without words.

5) The stare. Or if that sounds scary…the look. Some guys stare into your eyes, or as some may say, look deep into your eyes, and that is a way to say “I love you” without words.

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