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Is Your Ex-boyfriend Living in Your Attic?

Is Your Ex-boyfriend Living In Your Attic?

Is Your Ex-boyfriend Living In Your Attic?House needing workHouse needing work

Your ex-boyfriend living in your attic without your knowledge, what a scary thought right? For most of us this probably would not even register as an event that would be likely to happen to us, but for a single mom of five children from Rock Hill this event actually took place.

This story starts 12 years earlier with a relationship that Tracy (the single mom from Rock Hill) ended and she honestly believed she would not see the man again. By all accounts it was a bad relationship with drug abuse and theft being the main reasons for the amicable breakup of the relationship.

Jump forward approximately to this time last year when the two were reunited. The man helped Tracy install new doors on her house after her house caught fire. While working on this project Tracy assumed that her ex-boyfriend was commuting from somewhere else to her house, but scarily that was not the case. 

It would take almost a year to figure out that something was amiss in the house. Tracy began feeling like something wasn’t right and her older sons went to the attic to check things out but did not see anything. She started seeing nails in the ceiling fall to the floor and so Tracy called a nephew over to go up and check on what was going on. Her nephew had to make his way around a varying array of normal attic items to find a man sleeping inside a heating unit. Tracy’s nephew also discovered that the ex-boyfriend was able to peek at her through an air vent in her ceiling.

As if this was not enough to give one a shudder of fear, after being discovered in the attic the ex-boyfriend climbed out and walked away without giving any explanation for why he was there or how he got inside the house in the first place.

Just thinking about this makes my skin crawl. I have heard the wise advice not to assume anything because it makes an ass out of you and me. Tracy may have fared better if she had taken this advice to heart and asked her ex-boyfriend where he was staying while doing the renovations on her house.


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