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Jamaican Men Prefering to Text, Im, Bbm or Whatsapp Women Than Call Them

I was reading a CNN news feed on how today’s men prefer to use technology to connect with women than actually calling and conversing.


The truth is i have men on my whatsapp who i have never heard their voice before. I do not know what they sound like and the truth is i may never. Their profile has stuff like Whatsapp Only and you could call him all day. he will never answer his phone.  These me are using the internet as an excuse to shy out of the realities of relationships and some of the complexities of dating.

        Many women will attest that when they get a call from a man it is often for booty call or to meet up. Most men use texting to cover the grounds of the relationship hence when they meet you, they expect to have sex. They will assert that you guys have been socialising for months on BBM and Whatsapp so therefore you do not need to actually physically spend time together. Men conveniently slip into into the sexual phase of the relationship.

       Technology is actually working on the guys favor than women. It is frustrating for women since you often cannot ascertain how  a person feels about you. Ever heard the term… as fake as a bbm smile. Thats what many people get from communicating technologically. How many times have you posted lol, when you are secretly annoyed or rolling your eyes at the person annoying you with these constant pings.

  Now imagine if you could hear this person’s voice, the inflection of his voice would often highlight you to exactly how he is feeling about you. Men can say just about anything online and people do fall in love with reading words as they would with listening to voice.

  What can women actually do?

      Only use BBM and Whatspp ocassionally and insist that profound conversations be done over the phone, Afterall your fingers do start to hurt you after typing so long.

     If he cannot give you a simply phone call then you will want nothing to do with him. Men who would rather speak through social media than on the phone often have something to hide. You call and he cuts you off abruptly, chances are he has someone already.

    Then their is an incendiary desire for naked pictures and most of these men want to tell you what to put up on display pic. I often ask why should i fulfill your needs and you cannot do anything for me.  You cannot give me a simply phone call or visit me at my house other than to have sex. I think you have disavowed yourself of the right to tell me what to do and when.

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