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Long Distance Relationships

Are you in a long distance relationship or at least open to being in one? Do you and your sweetheart live too far apart to spend time in each other’s presence whenever you desire? Stay on the same page, and turn to the next page of your relationship only when both of you thinks it is time. Grow together rather than apart. If so, then know that it will require creativity and commitment to sustain and deepen such a relationship. With imagination and determination, you can render geographical barriers all but irrelevant and enjoy one another as much as a genuinely happy couple who spends every day together.


Write love letters and love poems to your beloved, and send them to their email or postal address. Send e-greeting cards from Web sites like Beat and high-speed Internet access and engage in free voice and video chat with your long distance lover. Record a sound file or video clip on which you express how you feel about your companion, and send it to their email account or use software like AOL Instant Messenger, , or Yahoo! Messenger to transfer the file from your computer to their computer. Occasionally send flowers and other gifts, but do this responsibly and spontaneously rather than from a sense of obligation. Look for your favorite love songs on a Web site like and email it to them. Serenade your sweetheart sometimes. Share your favorite love poems. Create a Web page on which you declare and celebrate your love. A simple way to do this is open a free account on and use its Site Builder tool to design a Web page or site. Do romantic things with and for your beloved on the anniversary of relationship, Valentine’s Day, Sweetish Day, their birthday, and whatever other day you deem special. It is not always pleasurable to be predictable, so do some of the nicest things for no reason at all. Precious moments are priceless. Collect photos and other memorabilia through which you chronicle the growth and goodness of your relationship. Visit and travel with your long distance lover as often as you can. Embody and enact the virtues you want to see in them, and do so regardless of how you perceive their words and behavior. Do unto your significant other as you would have them do unto you. Moreover, be compassionate as well as passionate: Care enough to be “there” for your beloved in every way you can, especially when they need you most. Keep hope alive in the relationship through honesty, respect, solid communication.

You just have to be creative enough to ensure that whatever quantity of time you share is quality time too. Many people in long distance relationships make more of the distance between them than the things that brought them together in the first place. Even though there may be little or nothing they can do about the distance, they spend an inordinate amount of time bemoaning the fact that they cannot be together “right now.”However, pining for one anther’s presence need not be accompanied by either of you plundering the present. Avoid the emotional pitfall of allowing anticipation of what you want to dull your appreciation of what you have. Take joy in your long distance relationship and make the most of it. Having encouraged you to make your long distance relationship as meaningful and exciting as it can be, I would like to mention several ways you can do so. I hope my suggestions will inspire you to think of other fun and fulfilling ways to show, sustain, and strengthen your love for one another. Despite all the advice to take their time getting to know someone, most romantics are hopelessly rash. This will not serve you or the relationship well. Patiently build the relationship without being passive. Be an active but not aggressive partner in the relationship. Genuinely trust your significant other because unbridled suspicion and cynicism will quickly erode your relationship and perhaps inundate you with regret. Note, however, that you should trust only if you believe for good reasons that the person is trustworthy. You cannot be a good lover without being an even better listener. Show your affection by also being very attentive, and in so doing place yourself in a better position to respond your partner’s actual thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

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