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Love After 65

It’s never too late to fall in love. Great people have shown that the difference in age is not an obstacle to a happy marriage. Careful with the predators of older folks. Finding true love requires a lot of work. Don’t confuse physical attraction with love. “Something’s got to give” teaches a great lesson.

My father-in-law is 92 years old and he was caught red handed trying to seduce the 40 year maid, a married lady with four children. He is not senile (not much anyway), can sustain a rational conversation (with his hearing aid at maximum volume) and gets around with his golden-plated cane. Yeah, I know, he hasn’t had sex in more than 20 years, ever since his wife was hit by Alzheimer (she asks who the guy is, pointing at her husband). But still the old guy needs some relief and lots of love.

Very few people touch the delicate subject of love and sex after 65 (or maybe after 90). Shades of Anna Nichole Smith! When we see the photos of a happily married couple, she 35 and he 85, we instantly make up nasty thoughts regarding his ability to satisfy her sexually and her motivation.

Charlie Chaplin was 54 when he married after many failed relationships an 18 year old named Oona O’Neill, daughter of Eugene O’Neil. It was a happy marriage till his death and they produced 3 children. I know, he wasn’t over 65, but I thought it was a good example of love between 2 persons with a huge difference in age. John McCain of presidential candidacy fame is 71, his beautiful wife, Cindy, is 54, almost 20 years younger. They seem perfectly happy. As you probably know, she is very rich and he is a war hero and maybe a President in a few months. But he can’t touch her money and doesn’t need it.

Older males represent stability, protection and good advice. Quite a few younger ladies look for those qualities after leaving a disastrous marriage with a young guy. And yeah! Older guys can function even without these miracles blue pills. OK! OK! They take the slow train to physical Nirvana, but sex is not the most important component in a marriage. Communication is! Clear and diaphanous communication without attempts to manipulate, control and dictate terms. (That came out pretty well!).

Larry King is 75, his wife, Shawn is 49. It’s working fine. We know that Larry has been married more times than Elizabeth Taylor, but sometimes one must follow the popular wisdom “try and try again” to reach bliss. OK, enough examples from real life and from celebrities. We want to know about us, the ordinary single grandpas and grandmas.


Predators are numerous out there. They are young, between 30 and 45, handsome and can talk longer and better than Larry King. They seek older single men and women between 60 and 70, arrange an “accidental” meeting and start the ball rolling.

Before you know it, you are married, in love (!!) and desperate to share your life savings with him (her). That’s the worst case scenario, so it’s easy to avoid. Don’t believe them, get away as quickly as possible and tell your friends to be careful. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch! If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true! (Had enough of folksy wisdom?)

Sometimes it works, yes, really! Especially between an older man and a younger woman. But let’s be reasonable; if you are 70, don’t get all excited about a 25 years old vixen. Start with 50; there are many beautiful older women who could make the perfect companion. They know the score and don’t dream of Hollywood love; that makes them rational, reasonable and easy to get along with. But just in case, make a prenup. If she is sincere, she’ll go along with it.


Younger people, let’s say between 20 and 40, believe they have a monopoly on love, the romantic kind that is. Hell, I was like that too! Too ignorant to understand what real love is. One movie tried to make a difference, the one with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton “Something’s Got To Give”. He finally realized that curves and young skin are not the answer for an older fellow. Of course, in real life, he sticks to the opposite; but then, there is only one Jack Nicholson.

You can find true love, ye older lass and lad. I know what I am talking about. Sometimes it’s right next to you; but you are too blind to see it; sometimes it requires searching afar. But the one truth that emerges from all this is: It takes a lot of work to find your love, at any age. So go for it! It’s never too late, for the heart is forever young and love needs no excuse.


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