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Love Formula

A out of this world way to boost relationships.

Whoever said “Love is patient, Love is kind.” had not witnessed the love of today. Love may be patient and kind but, never at the same time. We all get into the ruckus of everyday life, some with jobs and school, kids and drool. Everyone wants time for themselves whether you have been in a relationship for two months or thirty five years.

Let’s think of the word ASTRONAUT. Why would we want to even think of that word when talking about love? Let’s look at this a little closer by breaking it down:

Affection: One must try to be tender and caring for their partner, a little hug or kiss goes a long way.

Softly talk: When in a heated discussion try this out, it keeps things under the angry radar.

Talk: Communication is always the key to success, too many people keep their emotions bottled up.

Receipt: Acknowledgment nonetheless, even if it’s a small everyday task, try to praise.

Observe: Look at what your partner has to offer you, not only what ticks you off.

Need: Don’t just do it yourself let them help you, teamwork always heightens a bond.

Audit: Examine what you can do tomorrow that you didn’t do today to strengthen your relationship.

Understand: Sometimes we forget to listen, each person should talk.Two people, two points of view.

Time: Don’t rush in to make things better time mends a lot of things, including harsh feelings.

Last but, definitely not least what does every “Astronaut” need? Space!. Might seem like a corny joke and it was meant to be, there is more seriousness to the matter though, When it comes to a relationship sometimes even if it is a couple of hours a day, you must sometimes be apart to get closer together.

Love is a roller coaster it will take you to the top and bring you down just as fast. The excitement builds up and makes your adrenaline rush and sometimes you just want to throw up, anyway you look at it love is a thrill.

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