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Love in The Wifi Age

We may be far from each other but we are both connected through our wireless connection.

I have never believed in long distance relationships as I feel there is no way it is going to work when you are far from each other. But after a recent break up (with someone I hoped and wished to spend my life with) I found myself finding ways to forget. Travel, travel and travel — became my means of being preoccupied. I spent every weekends traveling with close friends and enjoying their company to be able to heal fast.

Then after nearly 2 months, I found myself whole again. Weeks passed and I started enjoying life as without the relationship and swore not to be involved with anybody again. But I guess love will find you if it will find you. I was a hopeless romantic princess in the busy city and he was a knight full of hope in search for the right Cinderalla that will fit his perfect description of a worthy princess. We are 4 hours away from each other — I am in the fast-paced environment in the heart of Manila, Philippines and he is in a highly urbanised thrivingn tourist destination in Malaysia. I was hesitant (and probably in denial that I an interested to meet somebody again) but he was persistent and determined.  We got acquainted and got to know more about each other and everything that surrounds our different worlds. Until such time we became closer and fonder of each other. Oh yes, and this is were this modern technology really became an essential everyday tool in our lives.  We were both equipped with a wifi enabled mobile phones and our communications became dependent on it and our wireless internet access.  It always seem like our hearts are both dependent on that black and white logo bearing the technology availability.  Where there is the logo, there is communication.

And our free voice communication depends on Viber where we can freely send messages, photos and call each other at any time.

Because of these, I am convinced that long distance relationships may work — either because of the modern technology that becomes a great help in maintaining communication, both through messages or voice calls. There is even skype that enables video calls. 

I somehow feel confident, that even from afar, there is great chance of making the relationship work.  After 2 months, we met. I flew to Malaysia to see him and be with him for the first time on a 3-day stay in Kuala Lumpur.  It was so amazing that even for the first time of meeting we felt so comfortable with each other.  It was like we were together all those times we communicated over viber and our voice calls. My 3-day stay in Malaysia with him was fun-filled and worth reminiscing.  

Up to this moment we are happy with each other, we communicate daily (and almost every hour) and we both plan for the future. We are both serious with our plans and everything we owe to our technology.

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