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Love Percentage

Love should be given equally.

When it comes to love what percentage should you give when you love a person. Is 100% good enough or not. In love i think its better to give what you receive if a person you love gives you 100% why not give him or her 100% in return. Most people in this world do not get it they think that giving too much they are able to keep the people they love by thereside forever.

Every should learn that however much you give and don’t receive that much in return you are only wasting your time because isn’t worth it at all cause a person who really loves you will always give the same percentage like what he or she receives.

When you show someone that you can’t live without them just know that the person you love will take advantage of that he or she will do things that hurt you knowing that you will never leave cause your world revolves around them.

Like a woman who fell in love with a man who was neither rich nor mr. world but this woman loved him so much that he left every thing for him, she made his friends and family her enemies because they advised her not to give away every thing because of that man. She never listened and she ran away with this man.She left every thing behind her job,her family for this guy.

They lived togather for some time until this guy was bored of her and he suddenly changed started complaining about her wait, her hair started coming back home very late and very drunk but she stayed because she loved this man alot and kept on giving 100% although she was given 0%.

This man became hell for her, started cheating ,never came back home sometimes and whenever he was home they only fought.This guy woke up someday and kicked her out of his house imagine that she had nothing and no place to run to cause she was ashamed of her self for treating her family and friends very bad. so whenever you are giving make sure that you give what you receive to avoid being taken advantage of.

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