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Love Stories

When a heroine meets a hero, comes a disturbingly romantic novel. A list of labelled love stories from various novels.

I read a lot of romantic books and watch a lot of chick flicks. Seriously, I might laugh when the person I hate dies in the story but romanticism makes me cry. But anyways, in this post I have piled up a list of love stories (mostly from novels) and labelled them. You might not agree with me on some things but again, most of you might not say ‘and so I you’ when someone says ‘I love you’ to you.

The most romantic: First list and I already am torn. My definition of romantic is highly amusing that it could make you vomit. But here what I thought would be most (well, more) romantic: Ever and Damen from the Immortals series, Bella and Edward from the Twilight Saga, Elena and Stefan from the Vampire Diaries (both books and TV shows).

The most unromantic: Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games (I don’t think Suzanne Collins even ever intended Katniss to love Peeta).

The cutest: Francesca and Will from Saving Francesca, Bianca and Lucas from the Evernight Series, Taylor and that Lucas dude in the music video You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift (hell, I was smiling like a goof when they finally kissed).

The bloodiest: Come to think of it, almost everything I watch and read has a lot of blood in it. Anyways. Isabeau and Logan (?) from one of the books of the Drake Chronicles, Schluyer and Jake or Jack from the Blue Bloods series, Caroline and Tyler from the Vampire Diaries (the TV shows because as far as I know, they practically weren’t aware of each other’s presence in the novels).

The most star-crossed: Suze and Jesse from the Mediator Series (dude, she’s in love with a ghost), Ally and Jake from the books He’s So/She’s So Trilogy (these people frustrate me because whenever they’re together, there’s ALWAYS a trouble), Susan and Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (pardon me, but they lived in different DIMENSIONS. That’s like, major.

The funniest: Chloe and Nigel from the Diary of a Wimpy Vampire, Georgia and Dave from the Fabulous Confessions of Georgia Nicholson, Mia and Michael from the Princess Diaries.

The most frustrating: Cameron and Zach from the Gallagher Series (why can’t they be together? For goodness sake!), Max and Fang from Maximum Ride, Juliet and Romeo from Romeo and Juliet (duh, obviously).

The most tragic: I would have put Romeo and Juliet here but I have never thought committing suicide as tragic but ironic. So tada. Allie and Noel from the Notebook (seriously, diseases suck), Misa and Light from Death Note (practically, their living together as a couple is only as a cover but then again Light ends up, um, disoriented so it’s tragic. Shut up, I love Death Note), Zoey and Heath in the House of Night Series.

The most confusing: Serena and Blair and Nate from the Gossip Girls (okay, I haven’t watched the TV shows and okay, I haven’t finished reading it. But still).

After going through the list, yeah, I totally realised that all of them are novels except the Taylor Swift part. God. I should watch TV more.

Liked it
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