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Making Men Aware: Women Like Being Asked Questions

This is a simple suggestion to help break the ice when talking to women.

This is a dating guide with a general rule of thumb to help everyone break the ice and feel comfortable with one another.

I am on a dating forum I will call pof for short. I spoke with a gal on there and she helped me to an epiphany.

Women like being asked questions. I don’t think men really do. I know when someone heaps a load of questions on me I feel like I am being interrogated so when I would try to strike up a conversation with a woman on the forum I would try to avoid asking questions and come up with some witty, funny, and often unintentionally bizarre statements which did not produce the desired results. Her response to me when I said my questions were fruitful was that questions are good how else are you going to find anything out.

Guys, ask away.

I think this is good advice. Women like attention. Asking them questions shows that you are interested in what they have to say. It also gives them something to go on when thinking of a way to talk to you. At a bar this works as well as on an internet forum I am sure. It is so simple. How to talk to a girl? Well think of some questions, go up to her and ask them. Can it get much simpler than that?

Or perhaps I am crazy? Perhaps I am crazy and right as well?

I just think it breaks it all down with a simple formula to take the stress, fright, and uncomfortable feeling away from approaching girls. Asking questions is not difficult. Thinking of a question or two is not especially difficult. And besides, women like being asked questions so guys, ask away, and women, we look forward to your beautiful responses!

Liked it
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