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Marriage – Will You Ever Get It Right?

A light hearted look at marriages and how to make them work – almost.

Marriages are made in heaven and they are lived out on this earth.


As they don’t really pan out as planned, I guess they were made for the Angels and not for mortals like you and me. Remember reading somewhere that “Marriage is nature’s way of saving us the trouble of fighting with Strangers“!!.


Could it really be that bad as in the present times the choice of a life partner is ours and ours alone. Gone are the days when parental pressures led us to wed the person of their choice – sounds so unreal. Yet, once the honeymoon is finished and the reality of living together day in and day out dawns upon us, the same love that bound us doesn’t seem strong enough to hold us together anymore.  


Fortunately, or so they believe, in some countries the option of separation is quite rampant which means you get a second chance. But research has revealed that the failure rate is higher the second and the third time round. The very fact that you failed the first time despite falling in love and choosing to marry means you need to look for a problem somewhere within yourself.


It is surely better to rid yourself of the problem and keep your marriage rather than rid yourself of your partner and continue with the problem like the practise of some Hollywood stars.


Another way is to go back to the time you were in love and look for the qualities that drew you’ll to each other in the first place and work together to bring back that magic into your relationship. After all, marriage is like a long drive that two people have embarked upon. Along the way in case you are stuck in traffic, if the car breaks down or even if you lose your way we wouldn’t turn around and return home but would overcome the obstacles and move towards our destination – and so with marriage.


The only problem now is trying to figure out who is in the driver’s seat ? – God, will I ever get it right ?

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