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Martial Abuse

So many women are being abused, and they feel they have not place to turn; being able to reach out and get help is what society is striving for.

            Martial abuse comes in many forms, most of us believe it comes only in physical form, but it comes in mental form as well. The physical abuse is usually very obvious, covered by lies, a black eye is due to the baby head butting me is the abused persons response. Many abused woman have damaged or broken bones, not visibly seen from looking at her, taken to a lab for x-rays the technician will see the damage on the films.

The bruises and the broken bones are the obvious signs of spouse abuse, but many of us don’t see the mental abuse that is being suffered, because they are not physically obvious.

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            A once happy, beautiful woman who starts to look sad and unhappy those are the obvious signs of mental abuse the woman who is able to maintain a happy appearance is the one that is most difficult to observe. She wants to keep it a secret, and that may go on for years. She feels she is unwanted, unloved, unable to do things right, and she truly believes it, then over time she starts to fall apart telling a few things to her best friend, or her family. Usually at the point that she has begun to tell a few people, her floodgate opens and everything comes out. She tells us about the words he uses and how he told her she was worthless, and he only allow her to stay there is because of the kids, and if she tried to leave he would take the kids. Usually the abuser will have the abused individual so mentally abuse that they actually start to believe what they are hearing. So they actually believe they are worthless, ugly and no one would even believe them; they also fear losing her children

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