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Miserable People Make Other People Miserable

There are a lot of people out there that make other people miserable and quite often they are miserable themselves.

I have had many jobs in my life and have met a lot of different people. One thing I have noticed in most places is that there is usually at least one person who everyone tries to avoid because they are just downright mean and nasty. People like that are difficult to deal with because it is hard to try to figure out what would be the right way of handling the various situations that arise as a result of their difficult personalities.

I used to believe that if a person was nasty, you just get nasty back to show them what it is like to be on the receiving end of it and that would cause them to perhaps look at themselves and modify their behavior. Unfortunately that actually doesn’t work with a lot of people. Even when it does work in the sense that they no longer will get nasty with you, they will still often be nasty to other people.

One reason why getting nasty back doesn’t work is because the real reason behind them being nasty or malicious has more to do with the fact that they are unhappy people. Now we all might snap at someone on rare occasions simply because we are in a bad mood but often we catch ourselves and will apologize to the person we snapped at. Quite often, when we are on the receiving end of someone taking their anger out on us, we will tell them “Hey don’t take it out on me!”

Truly miserable people, on the other hand, will be nasty more often and usually not even bother to apologize. They are often so self absorbed in their own state of misery that they rarely consider the feelings of others. Some may resent others being happy and may make the extra effort to spread their misery to that person because they may feel that it is unfair for others to be happy while they are so miserable.

Then there is the old “kill them with kindness” method of dealing with a difficult person. That is the theory that if you are extremely nice to someone who has been rotten to you, they may feel bad for having treated you so poorly and their guilt will cause them to start being nice to you. This does work with some people and the results are usually somewhat immediate. There are other people, however, that this will not work on.

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