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More Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

If you need extra cash or a side hustle for fun, these articles range for the really fun to the very practical for every location.


It’s time for another side hustle article to help you find a little more cash. It doesn’t matter what the money is for, because everyone is in need right now. You can use the money to pay bills, buy food, go to a movie or give to someone else in need. Your reasons are your own and no one else can tell you what to do.

1. Tutor

The time is right to offer your services as a tutor. Do not over charge and you will make extra cash from your personal skills. Meet your client at the local library in one of the private glass rooms. Your skills may be in reading for all ages, spelling and homework help for children, math for all levels or self esteem lessons.

2. Headlight Washer

This is one of the best extra incomes I have heard of for a job. Now that summer is closing and fall approaches, headlights are needed earlier in the day. From the road grime, dust and rain they become clouded over and need a good cleaning. Offer your skills and services to everyone you meet. You can charge from $5.00 to $20.00 for cleaning headlights.

3. Wedding Recycler

Gather goods from weddings for free or at a reasonable cost. You can resale the goods for another wedding in the future and help brides to save a little more cash for the honeymoon or home needs. Resale wedding dresses, veils, fake bouquets, table decorations and dishes. You can sell items through Craigslist, eBay or at local events and shows throughout your area.

4. Gift Wrapping

Offer your services to wrap holiday gifts for $1.00 if they bring the gift and paper to you. No matter what size or how odd, you can wrap their gifts for only $1.00 each. This is going to be a great job this holiday season. Everyone is trying to save money without doing all the work it requires. You could end up wrapping 50 small gifts in an evening or just a few. But each one is worth one dollar and possible tips.

5. Work Lunches

If you work in a large company and they allow you the freedom to freelance, offer to make pack lunches for co-workers at $5.00 each. Choose simple, inexpensive and healthy foods for lunches. Make sure you have a list of likes and dislikes and food allergies. Pack a drink, chips, veggie snacks, sandwich, salad or any other unique item. Make your own desserts to add a little sweetness and personal touch. It can even be left over’s from your own meal the night before.

6. Night Vision Tours

This is a great way to meet new people, provide interesting group activities and a lot of fun to anyone interested. Invest in night vision goggles. Plan a tour of wilderness adventure, a local trail, the local park, historic ghost tours or a walking creep-out tour. Anything that involves the late night and night vision goggles is going to be a lot of fun. Make the tours from 30 minutes to one hour in length and charge according to the local area. Anything from $3.00 per person to $30.00 for a group. It is up to you.

7. Mobile Marketing

If you spend a lot of time on the road and traveling, become a moving marketing advertiser for one of the many companies that would love to use your car or truck. You can receive discounts on products, cash or yearly supplies of goods for letting a company put their logo on your vehicle and drive around. This is one of the easiest forms of extra income you can find.

You are now ready to add your skills to the list above and start rolling in the money for your next venture in life.


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