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My Advice on Cheating

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I can’t stand a lot of things, but I most certainly cannot stand a cheater. I’m one of the most honest and forward people you’d ever meet so when a person cheats, people don’t understand it’s also just a form of lying. You’re cheating the person out of knowing the truth and personally, I just absolutely do not see the point in it.

Call me old-fashioned and I’m sure a lot of people can agree,  but when you first meet someone, the first thing that you gain is trust. You have got to be able to see yourself being with that person and you have to trust them. 
Once that trust is gone, there’s no turning back.
I can’t tell you how many excuses I’ve personally heard or seen. 
Whether it be lack of communcation, affection, or just not spending much time together like they used to.
I can understand that might bring a person down and make you lonely or more vulnerable, but cheating is NOT the answer. Nor is it going to make anything better because not only do you have the previous issues, but now you just added more on to it and it’s perhaps an even bigger problem.
You could have avoided losing that person, arguing with them, or just having them down your  back all the time if you had just opened up about it. This is the same person you met, you started to trust and ended up liking. You are with them for a reason, right? If you can’t talk to them, who can you talk to? So if there is a problem, no matter what it is, you have to confide in your partner. I’m sorry, but I just cannot stand the way people can be to the heart and make a mockery of togetherness.

I mean, really, how hard is it to just speak up and say hey, there’s something I’d like to get off my chest. You’ve been working a lot lately or whatever the situation is and I just wish we could work something out so we could spend more time together. If anything, that person would think that was sweet of you because you want them around more, they’d respect you more for coming to them and trying to work it out. If you go out on them, then you’re just going to be the bad guy altogether. No pointing fingers to it. I don’t care if they’re working all the time or not. Cheating does not excuse it at all and I can’t tell you how many times the guy would put it on me like I caused them to go out and do it. Never fall for that trick! Whatever reason a man/woman might have for doing it, or even the “it’s not you, it’s me” It’s just a way of saying they’re heartless and wasn’t thinking about you at all. 

It’s also amusing to me when the person does cheat, they realize right after it was a mistake. It was just a one time thing and it won’t happen again. Am I the only person that doesn’t see the logic in that? When you’re in the situation where someone’s coming on to you or what have you, just walk away or speak up and say no. You should know right then that it’s wrong and you should always think of the person you’re with. That applies for everything you do, not just cheating. Every decision you make, for instance, you have got to think of how it’ll effect the other person. 

I have had guys come on to me or make me try to do things, but I tell them to back off because I have someone and it’s not right. It’s not that hard to do. If I didn’t have a heart in my chest and didn’t care for my lover, then yes, I would have been low to do so. But sadly, there are people out there that don’t believe in consideration. 

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