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Nine Types of Love Addicts

There are nine types of Love Addicts. Each type corresponds to a unique behavior that sometimes people will consider it as a normal response and action of a person being in love.

This modern world of ours sometimes clouded the fact that there is such human behavior in which people become addicted to the feeling of love. To love is one of the most important virtues that man would like to nurture, however, being addicted to love is fatal than it is perceived to be. Once you are have this type of addiction, then surely that you need psychological treatment for immediate recovery.

According to Jim Hall, Therapist and Love Addiction Specialist, there are 9 types of Love Addicts. Each type corresponds to a unique behavior that sometimes people will consider it as a normal response and action of a person being in love.

  1. TYPICAL LOVE ADDICT -This is the most common and recognized love addict type. Primary symptoms include:

-         Preoccupied and obsessed with attaining or keeping the perfect person, “Soul mate,” “Superman,” or “Wonder Woman” who will make their lives meaningful.

-         Constantly and desperately seeking for unconditional love/positive regard. Leading a person to obsession, fantasy, and denial and can easily become infatuated in relationships.

-         Formation of their identity is essentially based on their relationship with their partner.

-         Because of impaired boundaries, they are in constant pursuit to merge with their partner; therefore, they become clingy and smother their partners.

-         They take all focus off themselves while throwing themselves into their partner’s life.

-         Being left, abandoned, and alone is among their greatest fears.

  1. ROMANTIC LOVE ADDICT -Romantic Love Addicts are “romantic junkies” and relationship “hoppers.” Primary symptoms include:

-         They compulsively hop from one infatuated relationship to another in an attempt to keep their “supply” going.

-         They often believe they’re in love with a person they start a relationship with, but they don’t truly fall in love.

-         Addicted to the fantasy created in their minds and have false hopes that one day they will find the right one who somehow will keep the “rush,” passion, and intensity going all the time—an impossible task for anyone.

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    On September 21, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    Wow…I don’t know where to start. Okay first of all the information you provided is incredible. I myself am a Pisces, take that and run with it and do what you will, but besides being generally more sensitive than the average guy, being in love is something that I consider a foundation of my life. It’s not that I am addicted to being in love, but rather I have so much of a want to share my life with someone, someone who will give me joy and someone I can return such joy as well. Someone, who I can hold hands with and thank God each day that they are in my life, thankfully, I have found such a person. What I also liked about the article is the knowledge of the different types…wow you really impressed me with this one. Lastly, if you take out all nine symptoms….do you really have true love? What if these 9 topics define mental disorder, is then, actual love? because…love you know…is not perfect. I soooooo love this article.

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