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Ningas Kugon

"Ningas" is a noun with the meaning of Flame, Blaze, and Combustion. "Kugon or Cogon", however, is a kind of grass that can be used for thatching and weaving roofs or mats and bags; paper-making; and can even be utilize as medicine. That includes astringent and diuretic. Young flowers and shoots may be eaten when cooked. The roots of this plant contain starch and sugars that can be easily to chew. Dried Cogon, when sets afire, creates a sudden blaze of flame that takes a few seconds only and died down.

“Ningas Kugon” is a negative trait that affects working relationship. This attitude can be characterized by somebody who is very enthusiastic at the beginning of a project, but ending it unfinished. A new employee showing the best of his ability for an assigned task in a company but is not consistent on that performance all throughout the employment time, lowering it to a non-tolerable behaviour. An organization that has a well-planned activity ending up not doing it at all. People listing a bunch of New Year’s resolutions but realized to have not done any at all. This is how the said trait is compare to a “Ningas Kugon”.

This attitude is said to be found in Filipinos. Yes, it is true.

Based on experiences and observation, there are reasons behind why they tend to be like this.

Let me try to give you some tips on how to minimize such character in the workplace.

1.       Care for your Filipino Employees. Filipinos  wanted to feel that they are important to the company. A simple greeting or “How are you?” will do.

2.       Give compliments. Filipinos are hard-working. They tend to do their best to show to the company that they have what it takes to be an efficient employee. Never forget to say “Good Job!”

3.       Trust them. You can check their work in a way that they will not feel being monitored all the time. For if you do, they will rebel against you and you may not get what you expected to have.

So whenever you wanted to hire a Filipino. Remember these tips.

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  1. Carrolle

    On March 21, 2010 at 5:08 am

    I had been working with two companies before and also in a government. And I strongly agree with the tips you have given based on my experience too and also observation. A little compliment with your employer is already high-lifting and it makes us more Filipinos do our best job! ;)

  2. Star.Lite

    On March 21, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Thank you Carolle for your comment, I appreciate it.. Yes, I think it can help reduce such attitude! =)

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