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Perfect House Cleaning

When God "cleans us out" let us be thankful and enjoy the freedom of His love and forgiveness.

I heard a great story on the radio the other day. It talked about the owner of a large house. It was a beautiful house, but the owner left it dirty and cluttered. As a result, he couldn’t enjoy the comforts of that beautiful home. One day, a house cleaner came to the house after the owner had left. This person cleaned the house spotlessly. It’s beauty was restored and all of the clutter was gone. This house cleaner was not looking for any reward. He just did this cleaning from the kindness of his heart and because of his genuine love for the homeowner. At the end of the day, the homeowner returned. You would think that he would be extremely satisfied and grateful. Instead, he still focused on the negatives of the home and quickly began to restore the clutter that was removed. How would you feel if you the house cleaner that went out of your way to do all that beautiful work? I think I know what your answer would be.

The speaker then compares this story with us and God. We are a beautiful dwelling. However, sometimes we are disorganized and full of clutter. We let these negatives get in the way enjoying the freedoms and joys of life. God is the house cleaner. Through the death of His son on the cross, we are completely forgiven and cleaned. All of the negative junk and clutter is removed. Yet just as the homeowner in the story above ignored the efforts of the loving cleaner, we also often disregard the wonderful gift God has given us of complete restoration.

We are offended when we give gifts or service that is taken for granted or disregarded by the recipient. How do you think God feels when we disregard His beautiful gift of forgiveness and restoration?

Think about this as you go through life. Be sure to accept the loving gift of God’s forgiveness, love, and mercy. Enjoy the wonderful joy and freedom that this provides. Don’t think you have to be perfect, but also don’t let the negative clutter of your life bring you down. Ask for cleansing. God will immediately respond, and once you are cleaned enjoy the benefits of the beautiful dwelling you are, and share them with others. You will blessed beyond belief. Enjoy the blessings : )

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