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Polygamy, Solutions to Overcome’’surplus”akhwat

In various harakah so easy to find the women (sisters) who are not married, when viewed from old age and mature. What causes them?

According to M. Iwan Januar, author of “Marriage is not Cinderella,” to say the phenomenon is caused by many things. Iwan said the number of sisters who are not married is not because the stock or the number of Indonesian men slightly.

When we refer to Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2010 the population of Indonesia is the male sex more than women. Male population reached 119,507,580 souls, while the female 118,048,783 souls. With these figures should be every woman gets a man.

However, it is clear Iwan, indeed, if viewed in a variety of harokah there is a tendency of women is always more in number than male members, or brothers.

“If we look at each recitation is always filled with women. So that was forged so many women, “said Iwan.

Iwan suspect inadequate number of brothers in every harokah is thought to be the cause of many unmarried sisters.

So what’s the solution?

Iwan suggested that all sisters in determining the criteria for the prospective husband is not too high.

“Do not burdensome criteria. Women at a young age often high criteria set her future husband. Though pious enough. This could be the cause of the brothers back, “advises Iwan.

In addition, continued Iwan, to minimize the problem of unmarried sisters polygamy can be a solution.

“Polygamy is the law of Islam, like pilgrimage law, the law of prayer, fasting laws. Should as Muslims we must receive with full sincerity, “he explained.

Polygamy is Iwan is intended to build the home.

“On the husband must also be instilled responsibility,” said Iwan.*

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