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Reasons Why Friendships End

Some friendships last forever while some last for only a while. Here are some of the reasons that friendships end.

  1. Feeling betrayed. We have high expectations from our friends and one of these expectations is being able to keep our secrets and being able to count on them when we need them. It is easy to always be there when your friend needs you when you’re younger but as we grow older, we have many concerns that takes most of our time and effort. When our friends are not there for us, we feel let down.
  2. Being offended. When we are close to somebody, we do not watch what we say as closely as we do when we are with mere acquaintances or what I call “third degree friends.” Sometimes because we are so relaxed in their company, we say things that hurt them.
  3. Breaking promises. We make promises to our friends that we sometimes need to break for various reasons and we depend on our friends to understand. However, there are times when you break one too many promises and your friend is tired of understanding you.
  4. Unwittingly insulting your friend. Sometimes we can be too honest. There are topics that are very sensitive such as weight, looks, career advancement, etc. and we have to be careful that we don’t offend with our comments. Honesty is good, but there are times that being too honest hurts your friends.
  5. Forgetting to invite your friend to an occasion or event. This happens not on purpose, but it does happen and it makes your friend feel bad.

Of course it also works both ways. Your friend may be guilty of doing the same things and you just might have had enough to not try to make up with your friend. In such cases, the friendship has had its purpose and you have to let go. People come to our lives for a reason and they leave when their part in your life ends.

Sometimes you just need to be more patient and understanding of the other persons personality and the context under which the hurt happened. It helps to have self-awareness and trying to understand your feelings and other people’s behavior and reactions.

Lastly, do not let other people’s behavior influence your happiness and sense of self-worth. It is up to you to decide to be happy and let go of people that affect you negatively.

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