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Relationship 101: Sex Only Relationship

Can you handle it? If you can, are you ready to settle?

A sex only relationship is a very risky game between singles who likes to have a no strings attach relationship. This is a very dangerous game to play, if you say that there’s no rules behind it? Think again. A sex only relationship has strict rules. What are the rules?

Strict Calls

No regular text. No regular calls. Expect limited communication. He or she will communicate with you for only one reason and you know what it is.

No Love Attachment

Be aware that this is just pure sex. However, it is inevitable if you fall in love with her or him. That’s why, you have to guard yourself. As I mentioned earlier, this is not a fair game.

Strictly Not Personal

If you ask questions, she or he doesn’t oblige to answer the question. Whatever she or he’s doing in life, don’t pry. Don’t show attitude. If you want to ask more, maybe you wanted more than just sex.

What To Expect?

Purely Sex

If it is just sex, then it is. If the guy or a gal agreed to have just sex with you, don’t expect that she or he will treat you special. For women, don’t expect flowers, movies and special things. For men, don’t expect something.

Booty Calls

She or he will call you at the middle of the night or after. Either text or call, expect that it’s going to happen at the middle of the night. Don’t ever think of sweet texts. It is direct, straight and to the point. It’s up to you if you reject all those texts or calls.

Unwanted Pregnancy

If condom and pills will not work out. Expect that in the long run, you will get pregnant. If you’re thinking about abortion, that’s another story. If the girl will continue the pregnancy, it’s very rare that the guy will stand for her. If he does, I will salute for this kind of guy. Anyhow, it’s seldom happen.

Are you ready to settle for this kind of relationship? If you are needy, weak or very dependent, I urge you not to settle for this type of relationship. You will end up frustrated, insecure and feeling depress. Don’t ever fall in love for her or him. If both of you have the same motivation, it’s another story. You have to know if you can make it or settle in this type of relationship. Evaluate yourself or try to think about it for so many times. Don’t rush or follow the flow of your own emotion. Remember that our hearts are so deceitful in so many ways. Feelings and emotions are just temporary. Attraction will fade and lust will end up a disastrous event. Besides, it’s absolutely deadly. Morally speaking, it’s sin.

If you’re looking for romantic love, sex is not the answer. There are many things to do in life, not just this one.

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  1. Ruby Hawk

    On July 26, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    I think you are right. If you want a real relationship it has to be more than just sex.

  2. Kahty

    On August 22, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    I have been seeing a man for over two years and is only for sex.
    I feel in love with him. Dont\’ do it. Women fall in love, men don\’t.
    I have waited over and over for it to change, and it hasn\’t.
    There has never been a date or call in advance to see me.

    I just run into him at a nightclub and then we go home.
    He leaves as soon as the sex is over, in the middle of the night.
    Never have I ever received flowerds, a card or something that shows he has feeling for me.
    If you can get out of it do it. It is a miserable exhistance.

    Fort Lauderdale

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