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Relationships between father and mother and consequences of relation ship for your children.

Relation is a mutual affection which is followed by love trust and honesty. Relation depicts the integrity of a family and its contributory factors in developing the solid society. Mainly this type of solid roots occur mostly from parents. They contribute a lot for the develpment of familys alround psychological balance. They have to understand each other and let their child to develop psychological assistance. 

In todays world on seeing the ongoing crime rates in world wide one can easily say that this is due to the effect of environmental and childhood frustrations the victims faced . Relation ship is maintained by trust, honesty and truth. Every moral factor originates from honesty. We can say the history of Every country by seeing its moral factors and moral values followed by their citizens. Civilizations collapsed by immoral values and Civilizations lead due to moral stamina. In order to maintain healthy balance for children parents have to educate their children and must say and live upto the principles that contribute for relationship. Childhood today is an dangerous threat to lot of children. They face many problems due to lack of acute and spontaneous relation ship. Everybody acts in todays world and children are mere growing up like puppets . They do not know a feeling that originates from heart. Everything is artificial. Everything is lies. Everything is going in such a fast that they dont have time to review in this busy going world. Every massive attack at each corner of the earth is due to failure in relation ships. Failure in relation ships leads to several disasters and anti social activities. Children who do not have love in their childhood collapse with moral values as we see talibans today emerged as highest anti social group and as a threat to mankind. Those peoples energy is converted to negative because of lack of trust worthy relationship and different situations they faced from childhood. Not all everybodys life is smooth. But we parents have to understand childrens attitude and follow moral principles and give love towards society and at last healthy relation ship maintains healthy nation

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