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Romantic Kiss

Romantic, Cool, Slow And Sexy Kiss.

Kissing  Tips 101: Your Essential Guide

French Kissing Secrets 

The Magical Art of Flirting

Kiss is a stamp of your love. It ’s a way of showing love, your care and your feelings with your partner. When you kiss the tension of the lip should not open a tight or too loose. If it is too slow, it seems frivolous, and lazy, and if you are too close and feel your nervousness and self-awareness.

In a humorous remark, kisses as posting an application on the highest position at the base. Don’t compare to kiss as a means of excellent sex. Kissing is in itself an act of pleasure, which may or may not lead to sex.

Let’s look at the basic kiss: See that your lips are moist. You need to get the language running on the wet lips long before the kiss. Staying close to your partner. For the lips close, tilt your head slightly side just enough so that your nose out of their way. See how your partner leans his head, and you can tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction. Ideally, the nose should touch your cheek as your lips.

When you touch another person’s lips and tongue to stretch a bit ‘, your mouth opened instinctively. Open your mouth slightly and place your lips gently on the lips. Move your lips slowly in a circular motion, or leave them on the lower lips and suck gently and succulently.

Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. When you close your eyes, you concentrate on the pleasure of being intimate with your partner’s lips. You can look straight in the eyes when you kiss or break the kiss, but the process must be assessed to suck with your eyes closed? Feel? pleasurable sensations with eyes closed.

While kissing, you can put a hand on your partner? size’s and the other towards the middle of the back. You can cup her face in her hands, put them around their waists, put them around your partner? S neck, holding his arm up or down or run your fingers through his hair.

If you are a nervous first kiss and I’d like to go? Care about you lot? or? miss you? like a kiss erotic kiss, then you can go? kisses closed?. Here, instead of opening your lips, you’ll find closed. This is also a good way to let your partner know that you respect her boundaries, but still love him and feel that she is a special person in your life.

Kissing  Tips 101: Your Essential Guide


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