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Romantic Things a Man Can Do for a Woman

Just what does a woman want?

Sigmund Freud once said that the one question that man wants answered more than any other is “What do women want?” Being romantic is not hard, especially when you love the woman you are with. The heart of the question can be summed up rather easily – women want to feel loved, cherished, and desired. You don’t have to hire an airplane and write messages in the sky or fly her to Italy in a private jet; there are very simple – and free – romantic things to do for your beloved.

Here are a few tips to bringing romance into your love life and finally knowing the answer to “What do women want?” Ladies can also use these tips to create romantic times with their significant others.

  1. Send her emails and text messages for no reason.

    It is incredibly romantic to receive an email that just says “I’m thinking of you”. Send her notes throughout the day, every day that remind her that she is at the top of your To Do list always.

  2. Send her a link to that is a clip of a romantic song.

     Music is a surefire way to create a romantic mood. Google ‘love songs’ to help you pick out the perfect song. Better yet, videotape yourself singing her the love song and post it to youtube.

  3. Write her a poem.

    Thinking of proposing? Proposing in a poem that you wrote yourself is the height of romance. She’ll never even dream of saying no. Even if you are not proposing, you can tell her how you feel about her, in your own words, through poetry.

  4. Give her a massage.

     Make it a slow and sensuous one. Pour all of your love into the massage and make her feel like she is a temple at which you worship. It is a wonderfully romantic thing to do for your loved one and she will melt in your arms.

  5. Make a date.

    Whisk her off to your favorite restaurant, stare lovingly into her eyes, touch her hand or leg frequently while casually talking throughout the meal. Make her feel like she is more important than anything else in the world.

  6. Hold her hand in public.

     There is nothing like having your man ‘claim’ you in front of the world to create a romantic moment. It shows the woman that her man doesn’t care who knows how much he loves this woman and better yet, wants to proclaim his love to everyone he meets.

  7. Build her a website.

    Find a free website host like tripod or google and build your loved one a website that is totally dedicated to the two of you. Tell how you met, how you fell in love with her, and why she is so special. Add pictures of the two of you in various romantic moments – holding hands, kissing, hugging, or just hanging out together. Name the site with your names together.

Above all, keep it simple. Most women aren’t looking for extravagance. They just want to know that they are number 1 in your heart. Give her that ‘look’ often, that special look that says “I’ve got to have you now.” Be tender. There is nothing more romantic than tenderness.

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