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She Wears The Pants He Wears The Skirt

The problem with men acting like girls in relationships and women acting like boys — there is a difference. Then people wonder why the relationship suffers? Editorial explains.

She had graduated from college while he dropped out.  She was the cheerleader always encouraging him to do his best.  The louder she cheered, it seemed he would move a little than collapse.  He didn’t like when she cheered because she didn’t do it with a smile on her face.  She was more like a drill sergeant, “Get your a** up and move it!”  He accused her of acting like, you know, that B word.  She kind of reminded him of a man possibly the father he never really had, huh!?

It was true she made more money than he so she ran the household and the finances.   Unlike her mother, no man was going to tell her what to do.  Meanwhile, like his father, he believed if a woman wanted to run the show, let her all the while hoping she would remember to take care of her man.

The problem with this kind of relationship or shall we say problems is that it doesn’t work if no one knows how to take off the pants and remove the skirt and get in his or her, dare I say it, proper place.  By design, a man just can’t work a blue collar job in a skirt and a woman well she can’t always wear jeans for every occasion unless of course she can manage to dress them up a bit.  Either way, both sexes will be at war with one another when neither one wants to sit down, relax and listen to what the other has to say.  But if this kind of relationship works for you, then you have nothing to fear, right?

I once dated men who were often very feminine acting and it unfortunately got on my nerves.  They talked more than me, looked in the mirror alot longer, gossiped more, and even ironed their clothes better.  At first I was okay with all of this until I realized that a few just didn’t know how to stop acting like their mothers (daddy wasn’t in the picture or didn’t bother with them)!  I also didn’t like the fact that I was told I acted at times masculine (both of my parents were in the picture,) so I considered myself fairly balanced until I realized that my personal relationship with my dad (despite living in the same household) was really non-existent — ouch!  So the truth hurt, I learned to live with it, but at the same time I also became more conscious of my masculine me.  I realized that without a healthy balance between both the feminine and the masculine in my personality, I was going to have problems not just in my intimate relationships, but in every relationship that I had with others.  Too much drill sergeant behavior turns people off and too much gossip makes people cringe.

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