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Short Person Syndrome

The awkward feeling you get when you ask for advice or help from someone smaller and wiser than you. You should respect them, but you’re looking down on them…

As a relatively short person, I am very rarely looking down on anyone. Even third graders are practically at eye level with me. Therefore, when I am put in the odd position of seeking advice from one who is smaller than me, I feel a little weird. I feel like small people are there to be mocked, cuddled, and picked up. In the case of my friend George, they are meant to be thrown down baby chutes and forced to squeek- but that’s a different story.

I guess it’s just that it’s hard to feel protected by a short person. When you’re a little kid, your parents are like giants to you. They are the ones who can pick you up, drive you places, rock you to sleep, etc. Then as you grow up, you need them less. Girls don’t usually end up bigger than their parents, especially not the dad. Boys, however, often do end up taller and/or brawnier than their mothers. I feel like this just furthers their desire to protect the family and stand up for younger siblings and their “mamas”. They shift roles when they get bigger.

A lot of girls refuse or try to avoid dating guys that are shorter than them, especially if it’s a big gap. However, that gap doesn’t matter if the boy is taller. Girls want to feel safe, so they seek shelter in the arms of a man. Not to mention we might get a little insecure if our boyfriends weigh less than us. I actually dated a guy who was about an inch shorter than me once, (he was also a year younger), and I remember feeling like I was the one running the relationship. As much as I love to be in charge, I can’t fall in love with anyone that I can’t submit to to some extent. Being in charge just makes it easier for me to end it.

As the one who is typically the mocked, cuddled, and picked up, I feel pretty awkward when the roles are reversed. My friend George is actually pretty smart, and I sometimes do have intelligent conversations with her that at least put us on equal footing, so it feels strange to tilting my head down instead of up like I’m used to.

It works with age, too. It feels really weird to have someone younger than me leading me, looking down on me, or doing something before me. It usually makes me pretty competitive. That’s a good thing because otherwise, I would have never gotten my license.

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