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Should a Person Marry for Love or Money?

Are you looking for someone to marry with money or do you want to marry for love?

In today’s society, many men and women are looking for a person who has a lot of money and they do not date people who does not have wealth in their backgrounds. Many people believe it’s only women who do this but there are some men who are looking for the same thing in their lives. A lot of young men who have not been able to achieve their goals in their lives, are on the prowl for an older woman who is wealthy and who will take care of them in high society fashion. Would you believe, many older women fall for these type young men and they “do” end up marrying them? This is a sad situation because the woman truly believes the man is deeply in love with her and she’s going to live the rest of her life with her young man. What a surprise she is in for, as soon as the ring is placed on her finger and the vows have been spoken, he’s hardly ever around to be her playmate anymore.

One day she wakes up to realize reality has opened her eyes and she’s got someone who is a total sponger and is constantly standing with their hand out for money. It doesn’t take the woman but a short time to find her bank accounts are empty and she is alone while her young man is out and about with younger women and a younger crowd having sex and fun. The love and the romantic nights are over and she is devastated to find herself alone and broke and with a man who does not love her.

There are also a lot of young women who have waited for years for someone who is wealthy to marry them. Many of these young women end up marrying older men who have money and they wear their big diamond rings, drive their plush cars, and perform as their wives when called upon, but during the day while their “mouse” is away they go out to play with their young men and younger friends. They don’t have a worry one in this world because as long as they get back home to “sugar daddy,” they’ll always end up in the clear.

There are many young women and men who use people and live their lives in this manner and they never allow their conscious to bother them. They believe they’re paying for what they’re giving to their mates and they deserve what they’re getting from them. There are people in this world who feel they’re suppose to be supported and taken care of by their older spouse because they should feel honored to have them as their young lover and mate. They go about their private young lives with their younger friends (behind closed doors) and have their love relationships in hopes they do not get caught and pretend they’ve been home waiting for their mate to come home.

Some people believe money can buy happiness, but it’s my belief, there’s “no” marriage worth living in unless there is an unconditional love in it. Human life gets its spark, a desire to achieve, and a will to set goals through love with their companion. To love is to share a relationship with someone and to become “one” person and a desire to fulfill each others dreams and goals together. True love desires to be a mother or a father with their mate and to share and enjoy the love of their flesh and blood children together. In my opinion, true love is one of the greatest and most rewarding relationships a human life can ever experience. There’s “no” better feeling than to feel truly loved by a mate. “Puppy love” is not for people who desire an unconditional love…it just doesn’t work.    

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