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Show Me Your Friend and I Will Tell You Who You are

Is your friend a reflection of who you are?


Show me your friend and I will show you who you are


I remembered while growing up, my grandmother said that “show me your friend and I will show you who you are” she went on to clarify that “birds of a feather flock together”.  The axioms that my grandma used were geared at conveying to my sister and I that our friends are a reflection of who we are as an individual, our character and morales.

If we are passive and we have friends that are overt and militant it may be that deep inside those are the character traits we wished we possessed or want to emulate. Like our families, my friends are an extension of myself. We may not be blood related but my friends are my family and there are many instances when a friend has been proven more reliable and supportive than family members.   I have older female friends who are more maternal to me than my own natal mother and male friends that stick closer than a brother.

Our friends are in essence mirrors of our self.  We see aspects of our disposition in them and we often chose friends that possess similar traits to our personality. We may enjoy the same hobbies, likes and in some cases dislikes. In other cases we become friends with someone by chance meeting. You may not have similar temperaments or interest but there is an incomprehensible bond that you share and that inherently you both understand each other.  These are the type of friends that people on the outside to question how you could be friends with someone of that nature and remain loyal to that person who others find highly insufferable and unworthy of your companionship.

Additionally, you can have diverse friends suited for different situation. Some friends are business, religious and others are chosen families.  Some friends you can call on whenever you are in a tight spot. We have net friends, people who we have formed relationship via the World Wide Web and have deep profound relationships with (in some cases we have never seen this person face to face).  We cherish the friends we have met on the internet as we would those that we have in real life.

My friends on Triond give support to my articles and help get them into the search engines. I find inspirations from their work and I often seek to emulate the more establish writers so as to improve my writing skills and success in writing and publishing,  I love my friends on Triond because we do what they called in my culture “wash each other back or one hand wash the other”.  

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