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Signs of a Rebound Relationship

Rebound relationships are pretty common and the most surprising is that many people in a rebound relationship are completely unaware of the fact simply because they don’t know how to identify a rebound relationship. The signs of rebound relationships are so simple that it hurts.

I guess everybody has had rebound relationships in his or her life. Rebound relationships are common and once you experience it (or witness a close friend wrench in the agony of a rebound relationship), you will hardly make the same mistake twice. But when you have no idea of the signs of a rebound relationship, it might take you a lot of time to figure out that your unhappy relationship is actually a rebound relationship.

Rebound Relationship: You Can’t Forget Your Ex

The most obvious sign you are in a rebound relationship is that you can’t forget your ex. Even if you don’t dream of getting back with your ex, he or she is always on your mind and indirectly in your life.

There wouldn’t have been a problem that you can’t forget your ex, if this didn’t interfere with your present. You are constantly thinking of him or her, you are comparing your present lover to your ex, you still think of what your ex would say or do in a particular situation.

If you have separated with your ex soon, such feelings are normal. However, if you don’t overcome the breakup soon and on your own, this will haunt all your future relationships.

Rebound Relationship: You Are Unhappy With Your Present Lover

Another typical sign of a rebound relationship is that you are unhappy with your present lover. Even if your present lover is much better than your ex, you have an idealistic vision of your ex and this makes you unhappy in your present relationship.

This is a very painful situation for both of you. You are torturing yourself over an unattainable goal (your ex), your rebound date feels neglected and underestimated. It is true that there are people who don’t mind being neglected but usually these are the vultures, who are taking advantage of you, while you are fallen down. In either case, rebound relationships are unlikely to get better with time, so the sooner you quit your rebound relationship, the better.

Only these two symptoms are enough to ring the bell that you are in an unhappy relationship and you need to quit it before you have made serious commitment – this is the best you can do and very often it is the best for your partner, too. Rebound relationships can be long lasting relationships but this is not what you need.

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