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Signs That You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

You and your boyfriend have good times together. Slowly, you notice some changes in him, and it’s not for the better. Know the signs if it is the right time to leave him.

Love is built on mutual trust and understanding between a man and a woman. Everyone that is of age wants relationship that will result to marriage. However, not all men would commit themselves into lifelong relationship with women. Your boyfriend may not look attractive to others, but he is to you, and that is the reason why you accepted him in the first place. You and your boyfriend may have some good times together at the start of your relationship. But later as you get along and know him well, not all things are bed of roses. There are changes in the way he deals with you. He maybe cooling down in your relationship or that he is no longer into you. When do you know that you have had enough of him, and that it is the time to let go?   

Below are some signs to have second thoughts on your relationship with your boyfriend:

  • He doesn’t communicate with you as often as before. In this day and age, a man can easily communicate to a woman wherever she is through text messages, internet chatting, phone calls or emails. Modern electronic gadgets such as cell phones and lap tops make this possible. Your boyfriend’s devotion to you maybe gauged by the frequency he communicates with you. Barring his work and other important activities, he may send you sort of messages at the early stage of your relationship. But as time goes by the frequency of his communication is continuously decreasing. This is not a good sign to your relationship.
  • He doesn’t date or see you as often as before. Meeting in person is definitely better than just communicating in an electronic device. If a man is into you, he always longs to be with you, and sees you when there is opportunity. However, when he slowly becomes invisible for no apparent reasons he probably may have lost interest in you.
  • He always tells lie. A man who loves a woman is truthful to her. Your guy should not make excuses to cover up his misdeeds. Lying is an indication of insincerity.  When he always lies it means that he is not serious with your relationship and is not likely to give his commitment to you.
  • He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends or relatives. When a man loves a woman she becomes a great source of inspiration and pride to him. Your guy shouldn’t feel uneasy to be seen with you by his friends and relatives. If he is hesitant to make you known to them, then something maybe wrong.
  • He is secretive. Your guy should share some of his personal information with you. This action suggests that he trust you. If he won’t, it may mean that he does not want the level of your relationship or intimacy to go beyond what it is at present.
  • He is not serious in your conversations. If your boyfriend only talk in petty things and not on matter of significance then it means that he is either not serious with you or that he is an irresponsible person.
  • His behavior or actions don’t measure up to your expectations. This is an important matter if you ever think of breaking up with your boyfriend. You may not know your boyfriend well at the start of your relationship. But later you found out that your boyfriend possesses character flaws which are incompatible with a healthy lifelong relationship. An example is that he may be a habitual violator of the law or maybe a drug user. Keeping your relationship with him might also get you into trouble in the future. In this case you shouldn’t waste time to get rid of him even if he loved you.  

There are other factors to consider in a relationship with your boyfriend. This include among others things his ethnicity, culture and religion. If you think that you could live with your differences, then go for him. It is for the woman to accept a man. And as a rule he cannot force anything on her that she does not want. Maybe it is easy for her to have any Tom, Dick or Harry as a boyfriend, but it is difficult for her to have Mr. Right to come along. But I hope that somehow, someday, he will. However, you should not keep a boyfriend just for the sake of having one. Having one with a flawed character is not a good thing. You could be better off enjoying your hobbies and the company of you loved ones than being with a partner who is problematic.

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    On October 19, 2010 at 12:50 am

    Great advice. Agree with you that “you should not keep a boyfriend just for the sake of having one.” Thanks for sharing.

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    On October 27, 2010 at 11:40 am

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  5. scheng1

    On November 19, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Most people make the mistake of seeing a person without the setting of his family and community.
    Many of us behave differently at home and outside. Without knowing how he behaves at home, we can never see the real person.

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