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Spotting a Cheater

Clues to figure out whether or you’re being cheated on.

In all fairness, I’ve been on both teams, I’ve been cheated on so I took karma into my own hands and cheated as well, to get even. A few months after trying to get over the fact I was actually cheated on yet decided to stay in that relationship, I have developed in my system that I truly must get even. I cheated on a cheater. I went out on several dates, unknowingly to him. 

Though did you know, women cheat just as much as men do, women are just better liars than men are.

Based on experience, I will reveal to you all, the symptoms of a cheater.

Usage of pet names. When he/she calls you using pet names, it is most likely because he might confuse some other girl’s name with your’s.

Demand of too much privacy. When he demands that you step away every time he texts or gets call or even just check his email, there is something he does not want you to see. He will make up any excuse is just an excuse to conceal it. Which then leads to…

Those stupid excuses. I can’t recall an excuse in the book that I have not used. Faking an emergency, a meeting and what not.

Sudden change in character. When a man suddenly buys you flowers even though he says he is not the type who does those things, it is most likely an act of guilt.

Accounts on networking sites or email addresses he never told you about. This I’m guilty of. I did give the cheating bastard my universal password for “all” of the accounts he thought I had.

I just want to remind all men an women, once you have seen that text message or answered that call that made you doubt your partner, leave him at once. He is not worth your time and especially your money. 

Next up, gold diggers.

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