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That Thing You Do: Sexy Things That Make Him Want You

What things will have him drooling over you? The vote is in! Get his attention with these simple tips.

As women, we spend far too much time trying to figure out what the man in our life actually wants from us.  As it turns out, there are a few small tips that can help you improve your relationship with your man and keep him attracted to you for years to come.  Check out these tips and have him begging for more of you!

1. Be playful.  You don’t need to act dumb just to be playful.  Go for a walk in the rain or dance in the kitchen.  The most important thing is, show him that you have a fun side and you aren’t afraid to show it.

2. Be romantic.  You don’t need to cover the living room floor in rose petals- just put on a movie and rub his back, or make him his favorite meal when he gets home from work once a week.  Do things that show him that you know what he likes.

3. Smile.  Enjoy your time with him.  He gets an ego boost every time you smile-especially if you are smiling at him. 

4. Wear something sexy.  You don’t have to dress like a harlot, but take the time to wear something cute and confident when you two go out.  He will feel more confident and happy that he can show you off.  You’ll feel more confident too.

5. Take interest in his hobbies.  Take interest in his life and his friends.  Don’t be overbearing.  Just try out some of the things that he enjoys.  It will help him feel closer to you.

Well, try out some of these tips and see if his attitude toward you becomes more romantic.  These may seem basic, but if you put the time into actually applying these to your relationship, you will find that your relationship will infact improve.  And my most important tip of all: listen.  If you listen to him, you will learn about what he likes and what he loves about you (or doesn’t like about you at all), and will improve the communication in your relationship.

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