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The Chemistry Between Men and Women

Love is Wicked.

Love is fundamental from the origin of man and it’s also the greatest command given by God. “above all things love one another” In now modern time we found out that love is truly found in opposite sex “men and women” it happens to be more vibrant and indispensable.

In relationship, courtship between the opposite sex, where there is true love it use to be awesome, this is where we know that love is real. The man will always want to know where his lover is and what she is doing as at the moment. Also you find out that the lady in question is more curious where and what her man is doing. It is so crazy in action where it exist and full of enthusiasm.

Love is wicked as they say but also passionate positively to the core. As it is strong in loving so it is in hating. Many young men and women have fallen victims in the word called love. Many have died at the cause of dragging one lover or another. Many have died at the cause of their lover letting go of them. A young man had to drink poison and died at the National Hospital Abuja because her girl friend let go of him. Men and women should just be careful in love affairs.

Here is a young man, who is doing very well in business, fell in love with this young lady. They love their selves so much that they cannot do without each other. It was fun and glorifying in the love world. The young lady came to love the man so well that she doesn’t and cannot give room to any other man. Years comes and go they are still strong in relationship not until the man deviated from the love in the cause of finding another young prettier lady and also well to do. He established another relationship with the new girl unknown to the first girl who loved him so much and not ready to share her man with any other girl. It was unfortunate to hear that when the lady found out about the affair of his man with another girl, she planed and set them up and she got them she had to strike on the lady with a sharp knife on her stomach and she died.

Finally the lady was arrested and was jailed for murder. What a wicked effect true love has? That is why people should be careful in the issue of love affairs to avoid breaking of hearts that will lead to death of one another at the expenses of not letting one go.

Innocent Iyke


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