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The Positive Aspects of Teenage Dating

Although teenage dating has the potential to be regarded as a negative component to the lives of young children, it does possess positive aspects as well. Teenage dating can teach young adults valuable lessons about mistakes not to make in later, long-term relationships.

Teenage dating is often regarded as a negative quality. After all, if teenagers become so engaged within the dating process, they lose sight of what is important. They can become so caught up in the drama of the relationship, that they allow their school work to suffer. However, not all experiences involving dating result in such consequences. When considering the issue of teenage dating from a broader perspective, it becomes possible to see that it does have advantages. Dating at a young age can teach young children valuable lessons about the true nature of relationships.

As with many young girls that were my age, I began dating when I was in seventh grade. I never thought it would be possible for me to have a boyfriend, but then when we both discovered that we liked one another, the relationship just seemed so perfect. Of course though, we were still young. Therefore, our love was still innocent. 

It was during this first relationship that I learned some of the characteristics about maintaining a relationship. First of all, I realized that he was on my mind constantly. I could never stop thinking about how much I loved him. But with that also came the fear of what would happen if we broke up. In seventh grade, maintaining a relationship is one of the most important superficial aspects. Nevertheless, I also found myself continuously worrying about whether or not he truly loved me the same way that I loved him. 

I found that I became very paranoid. Whenever he would talk to another girl, I was sure that it was a representation of his desire to break up with me. In fact, these thoughts became so captivating that it took away from the enjoyment of having a relationship. 

But in the end, when we eventually did break up, I came to an important realization. I realized that nothing lasts forever, and that it is more important to enjoy the times spent together, than to continuously worry about the end of the relationship. In fact, the conflicts we had toward the end of the relationship mostly involved arguing over how the relationship would end. That in itself is a waste of love. From this experience, I decided that next time, I would pay more attention to the present moment.

The next time, years later, when I found someone else, the relationship did not last very long. Sure, we loved one another, as much as high school students can, but I could not make the time commitments that he wanted. He always wanted to talk on the phone, or take a walk, which is fine, but I had a lot of work to do at school. I knew that spending all of my time with him would take away from that. Also, we both were not experienced at having a relationship. He believed that relationships consisted of the two individuals always being together, whereas I always viewed relationships as very open affairs.

Therefore, after we broke up, I learned something. I learned that relationships involve time commitment. Nonetheless, I decided that I would not become involved in another relationship unless he and I had an established understanding of when we would be able to spend time with one another, without neglecting the other components of our lives.

Obviously, dating at a young age and becoming caught up in a relationship is different than relationships encountered later on in life. Even though the relationships I was involved in contained a sense of immaturity and inexperience, they still taught me valuable lessons about what relationships are all about. If I had not had those experiences, I would never have known about the necessity of time commitment and being able to accept change. Therefore, when young children date, they should consider what lessons can be learned from the extent of their experience rather than just its negative aspects. 

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