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The Pros and Cons of Interracial Relationships

The Pros and Cons of Interracial Relationships.

When two races are involved in one relationship, this is referred to as an “interracial relationship”. Being in an interracial relationship has both pros, as well as cons, essentially making it just like every other relationship in that way. As for myself and my own interracial marriage, I have found out that both the pros and the cons can work together for eventual good, if they are handled properly and adjustments are made by both people in the relationship. The following are several pros and several cons that are typically involved in an interracial relationship.


In an interracial relationship, you have the great opportunity to learn about another culture, especially if the family of the person that you are with still holds to many of the traditional methods of doing things, having a strong heritage. You can learn about holidays that are different than those that you are used to, or learn new ways of celebrating them. You can learn about religious practices and beliefs that you may not have ever known of otherwise. You can even learn how to make things, from cooking to sewing, that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Interracial relationships are great for people who are just naturally attracted to the looks of those of another race. Being caucasian myself, I found over the years that I was only very rarely attracted to caucasian men. There is no real reason for this, only a personal preference. My husband, being a Mexican-Indian, is quite attracted to caucasian women. So, for us, the physical attraction is a real pro at finding ourselves in an interracial relationship. Shallow it may sound, but the fact is that the first thing we usually notice about people is their physical appearance and that is how we are attracted to one another.

If you marry as a result of your interracial relationship, the chances are fairly good that you will have children born of the marriage. Your children will have the opportunity to learn about two entirely different cultures. He or she will have two heritages to discover and find connection with. Your children may even have the chance to learn two languages if there are dual languages regularly spoken in the home. Being multi-lingual is a real benefit for anyone.


One of the biggest cons of interracial relationships can often be the feelings of the extended family members about the relationship. Many families, especially those who hold a strong sense of heritage regarding their race, are not pleased when a member dates and/or marries outside of their race. This can cause a lot of harsh and negative feelings within the family and it can also cause some hurt for the person who you are with. It has been expected that the members of the family will marry within their own race and when this does not happen, the disappointment and even anger can be intense.

If the partners in the relationship aren’t willing to learn about and respect one another’s racial heritage, this is going to be a huge con. It can be difficult to understand the importance of another person’s race, their strong heritage, and their traditions. Both people are going to need to show both understanding and respect for the other. There should be no teasing that is not good-natured, and even then, care should be taken.

Society as a whole can be a con regarding the interracial relationship. There may be many people that will pass judgment upon the couple and if children come along, they may also become the target of cruel teasing that is rooted in ignorance. These types of things can be very painful and the couple must show a strength and incredible maturity to make it through these types of behaviors together. Interracial relationships can work just as well as any other, but there are both pros and cons to consider, as well as the strength that the couple will have together to get through the cons and make the most of the pros.

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