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The Thin Line Between Love and Pamper

Love and pamper are intricately related with each other.
Pampering is good but it needs a check dam.

When your little kid is jumping on the table and you know that it’s going to get hurt him if he falls; but that happiness on his innocent face doesn’t allow you to stop him. Good to know you love to see that smile on his face but sad to know someone like you is raising a kid when there is still a lot left for you to grow up. Not denying the fact that you are one of those parents who are extra cautious when your kid is doing such mischievous acts but WHAT IF? Have you ever considered being an adult than behaving like friends with your children, making a total mockery of “parenting” in the name of tagging yourselves as “fun parents”?

A person’s psychological as well as rational thinking starts developing at the age of 25 on an average. That does not mean you have to keep him guarded until he attains that age, only if you want your child to grow up to become a mama’s boy! For an adolescent, to seek suggestion is acceptable as long as it’s not about which colored shirt to wear to high school. If a boy asks his mother about which girl to go out on a date with irrespective of his feelings, chances are he is most likely to slough off his dinner party to fix a light bulb for his mother. This is a result of parents’ cosseting. It’s sensible to protect your child when he is unwell or be sympathetic after he/she went through his/her first break-up while still in school. But you need to recognize the value of your youngster to make his/her own mistakes and learn lessons from them.

This certainly doesn’t justify a parent allowing his/her teenager for taking their own life-threatening decisions.

In this competitive world, children go crazy following their parents’ busy schedule.

 A typical parent believes to have given birth to a super-human who is sure to find his/her purpose in life if he/she attends swimming, violin, guitar, basketball, singing, golf, baseball, horse riding classes etc. But we shouldn’t forget that in most cases it’s also the kid trying to take up several lessons at once and parents merely giving in to it thinking that saying no might curb him/her from ‘his/her calling in life’. Are parents’ suppose to be such fools to capitulate to their child’s wishes without considering that it could harm them in ways they refuse to admit?

Blinding a parent is easy enough for an adolescent if the parents are unable to realize that there is a thin line between loving and pampering.

 If it isn’t hard for a mother or father to say no to their kid and giving him/her valid justification behind it rather than ignoring his/her well being for his/her interests, then you are halfway there to being a responsible parent and teaching your child how to grow up along with growing old.

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