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The Two and a Half Year Mark in Your Relationship

This article is meant to be informative for men and women alike out there, it’s meant to explain what to expect as your relationship reaches the two and a half year mark. Ever wonder why so many relationships don’t get past the two and a half year mark? Hopefully this article will be an aid in helping you better understand why your last relationship went south at the two 1/2 year mark, or perhaps prepare you for what to expect in future relationships.

Happily ever after is no longer a reality but more of a fictional reality, we no longer attempt to even achieve happily ever after but are content on settling for happy for the moment. It’s rare a lot of the times for a great deal of relationships in this new century to last past the two and a half year mark, why is that? Could the media and celebrities be to blame for all of this? What ever happened to romance and love, have we become so cynical we’re unable to commit to a lifetime with a person or are we simply buying into what we see? Throughout this article you’ll learn first hand what to expect at that 2 and a half year mark in your relationship and what you can do to keep your relationship going strong.

Meeting new people is always exciting but meeting a new potiential boyfriend or girlfriend is even more exciting. That first month you’re all over one another both of you insatiable and lets face it that’s pretty much the first year or so, well the first six months anyway. By the time the one year mark does roll around infatuation is still there as is chemistry and lust but you’ve become a lot more comfortable with this person and perhaps you can picture them in your future; whatever the case may be suddenly you’re comfortable with one another. By the time the year and a half mark rolls around you’re able to easily chat with one another and though the chemistry and lust may still be there it may not be as passionate as it first was. Two years down the road and you’re practically bored to tears with your guy or gal, not all people but some are anyway. The chemistry and lust are gone replaced with affection and comfort, what happened? Too often couples will cruise their way into the comfort zone and by that point will give up on making their relationship interesting, why work at something that’s already perfect?

Even if you have been with your man or woman for 2 years or even a year you still need to work at your relationship, think of your relationship as a puppy you have to train, nuture, and nourish. Keep things fresh and interesting between the two of you, find hobbies outside of one another, plan some time away from one another on occasion that way when you two reunite sometime later you’ll have interesting stories to share with each other; basically don’t lose yourself in the relationship. Too often men and women fall blindly into relationships and overtime they begin to change to suit their partners interests and hobbies and in the process lose their own and before long you’ll be looking back and wonder whatever happened to you; you use to be so interesting and now you’re nothing if not bored.

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