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The Wedding Day

It’s the most important day in the life of a couple

When two people decide to unite their life’s, a wonderful magic will happen and they must both be prepared for the changes that will take place all around them. They have to share the joy and happiness with their loved ones in a day that is called : “The wedding day”.

Wedding planner

A wedding planner must be very attentive to all the details to make the special night to remember for all the guests that will came to the event, so it will be remember as a fairy-tale of which you’ve always dreamed . He will have to take care of the wedding flowers and decorations, the fabulous menu, the music, the groom and bride’s special arrangement, the wedding activities, the photo shoot and the video recording memories and maybe the transport arrangements of guests in some cases. It’s a big deal to work it out so everything to be dreamy.

Wedding traditions

The traditions in wedding are very various and depends on country,city family roots, cultural roots and various religious beliefs that shaped marriages for thousands of years.Almost all of the customs we observe today in a wedding are echoes of the past traditions: the veil, the wedding rings, the beautiful flowers, the big wedding cake or the getaway car adventure. And all this events that where put on the paintings at first, grain old photos, colour photos and now also on video and audio recordings as we go and step into the future.

From France came the throwing the garter and tossing the bouquet tradition witch was considered that brings good luck and it’s used in many weddings today. Breaking of grass on the wedding day came from Jewish traditions as as the guests applaud. In the Orient the throwing of rice on the couple has always been symbolic of wishing prosperity and good luck to them on the road ahead.

A curios tradition is that tying shoes to the back of the couple’s car that came from Tudor times or the father of the bride to throw the shoe at the groom as a surrender sign and good luck. Some African American wedding tradition tells us of the “jumping the broom” which is used even today on their weddings.

Another American tradition in the Midwestern states is the newly-weds dance, the guests have to pay a dollar to for that and the couple uses the cash for their honeymoon.

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