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There’s No Such Thing as an Emotional Affair

Emotional vs Physical.


Wait. What? That’s just nonsense. I get extremely irritated when I hear people talking. Those people who think as long as an affair hasn’t yet turned physical, it doesn’t matter. Emotional affairs matter because it is possible to become connected to someone without engaging in sexual activity with them.

The majority of people who say there is no such thing as an emotional affair is men. Men think that unless a relationship has become physical it isn’t real. Well, this simply isn’t fair. This isn’t fair to those people who have been in romantic relationships for months or years and have not had sex. This applies to those couples waiting for marriage or those couple who either don’t have sex anymore because they can’t/don’t bother. This isn’t fair to people who believe in love. Love and lust are two totally different things.

I was a virgin until I was in my 20s, but I still had boyfriends before then. I had feelings. Those guys still meant something to me even though our relationships never became more physical than holding hands, hugging, and kissing. All PG.

An affair can be emotional, and it can hurt the other person. The affair hurts because it’s evidence of untruthfulness and doubt. The people involved in the affair been dishonest and made a romantic connection with someone other than their spouses. And still, there is always a chance that an emotional affair turns physical. In most cases, it does. We feel attraction for someone on one level and we long for attraction on all other levels. To a man, a simple emotional affair isn’t satisfying. For a man, the affair has to become physical to mean anything.

Perhaps, men aren’t emotional at all. It’s possible that most men would not feel threatened if his wife were to connect to someone on an emotional level if the relationship didn’t escalate to the physical. I know if my significant other had romantic interests and cared about someone other than me, I would be devastated. And that’s all that really matters, if it matters to any of the parties involved; then it matters.

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