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Things to Do with Your Partner for Free

An article on fun things to do with your partner for free.

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It’s difficult to know what to do for entertainment when you have no money, however there are a number of fun things to do with your girlfriend for free.

It’s the weekend again and you want to take your girlfriend out, or do something more than sit staring at the walls, but you haven’t got any money. We all know there are certain things that women love; chocolates, flowers, romantic nights out, but what if you can’t afford these things? What are some fun things to do with your girlfriend for free? Fortunately, there are many things, some of which even more romantic than an expensive candle lit meal.

Staying in

There are many things to do with your girlfriend for free if you’re staying in. You could cook her a romantic dinner from the food already in the fridge, run her a hot bath, maybe scatter some potpourri as if it where rose petals. Or surprise your girlfriend with some freshly picked wild flowers. Alternatively, you could watch your girlfriend’s favorite DVD from your collection and give her a romantic back, neck and foot massage.

For a less romantic but more fun evening you could have an night of your favorite games, or if you haven’t got any what, about charades and pictionary? You just need a pen and paper and your ready to go. You could always resort to that old favorite of couples, the play fight, it’s fun and frantic but remember to relax and just enjoy yourself.

Going out

It might not seem like it but there are plenty of things to do with your girlfriend outside for free. Why not go for a romantic walk down a country lane or through some nearby fields. You could go for a picnic in the park, or a field or even on you balcony, or the roof of your apartment. Find somewhere with a nice view and take a blanket and some food from your fridge, it doesn’t have to be much as it’s the experience that counts.

Alternatively you could watch the sunset together, there’s nothing like a nice sunset to fill you with that romantic feeling. Another idea is to go wild camping together if you already have a tent then you could do this for free, too.

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