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Thirteen Signs That Your Boyfriend is Bored

Here are some sure signs to indicate that your boyfriend is bored.

Does your boyfriend seem disinterested?  Is he tuning out on you?  Perhaps he is just plain bored.  Here are thirteen signs to indicate that your boyfriend is bored:

1.   Your boyfriend looks away from you as if you didn’t exist.

2.   Your boyfriend yawns for a few seconds and then starts to close his eyes.

3.   Your boyfriend goes for a mad search for something to read.

4.   Your boyfriend goes channel surfing.  Of course, you’d rather go surfing on the ocean.

5.   Your boyfriend keeps saying things like: Yes dear, of course dear, sounds good dear, whatever you say dear.”

6.   Your boyfriend starts flossing his teeth in front of you.  He then combs his hair for awhile.

7.   Your boyfriend lands face first in the apple pie that you just baked.

8.   Your boyfriend fiddles around with his cell phone.  He pretends to be having an important conversation.

9.   Your boyfriend starts whistling nonstop.  He then claps his hands to unheard music. Finally, he begins doing push ups on your carpeting.

10.  Your boyfriend starts flinging his hat in the air while you’re going clothes shopping.  He then makes loud and obnoxious animal sounds.

11.  Your boyfriend starts banging the keys on your piano.  He sings in a high pitched falsetto that would make anyone around you cringe.

12.   Your boyfriend raids the pantry.  He eats every snack that he can get his hands on.  He leaves a huge mess afterwards. He then lets out a major burp followed by an enormous cloud of gas.

13.   Your boyfriend acts like kissing and hugging you is a real physical strain.

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