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Tips: When Should a Relationship End

Relationships are sticky sometimes, but how do you know when one should be truly over.

I once told a friend love was sticky, but he responded back with relationships are sticky and love is not. Well, if you find yourself in a relationship that seems a bit sticky and need help deciding if it is really over or not I have some tips for you to help you figure it out. 

1. If you cannot say I love you anymore to one another, the relationship needs to end. No sense of staying in the relationship where there is not any love. 

2. When you are lacking chemistry and becoming friends instead of lovers, well then the relationship is over. 

3. A relationship is over when you hear the words I love someone else from the one you love. The reason why is because real love does not fall in and out of love. Love is eternal. 

4. If you are in a relationship where all you do is fight then it is probably a good idea to walk away from the relationship and find a more peaceful one where you mesh with a partner better. 

5. Another good indicator that a relationship should come to an end is when you cannot trust the person you love any longer due to lies. Once all trust is gone in a relationship you do not have much to build on. Trust is key to all well balanced and blessed happy relationships. 

6. Here is another good reason a relationship should end, if you cant be who you truly are around a person and be open about everything with them flaws and all then why be in one. Relationships are about becoming one and living and building a life together out of honesty, love, trust, chemistry and compassion. 

7. If you are being abused in a relationship it should just end. Never stay in a relationship where you get hurt over and over again. Its not worth your time. 

8. Never stay in a relationship just because the chemistry is good. Relationships need more then just chemistry to survive and be blissful. 

9. If the person you are in a relationship with asks you to change who you are that relationship should always end. Never change who you are for anyone. Be you and be true. 

10. If the person you are in a relationship asks you to give up what you love to be with them don’t because it will only make you miserable in the end. 

Hope these harsh tips help you make the right decisions. 

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  1. mdrkarim7

    On February 10, 2012 at 1:57 am

    Wow… what an observation…

  2. Payge

    On February 12, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Harsh tips they may have been but thet make sense. My last relationship had alot of those on his side and I had to leave.
    I realized that if he really loved me….he would have taken me for who I was and not try to change me.

  3. Payge

    On February 12, 2012 at 12:50 am

    meant they make sense…..

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