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Top 10 Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

Advises couples of the signs of an unhealthy marriage. Assists couples in solutions to obtaining a healthy marriage.

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I take you to be my lawfully wedded partner to have and hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherrish from this day forward until death apart us. If you are married, you may recognize this common promise. However, what do these words mean? It is not just a simple promise, but the foundation of a healthy marriage. Anything on the opposite side of this promise is sure to create an unhealthy marriage.

The top 10 signs of an unhealthy marriage:

10. Neglectful

In most marriages, the partners are work because love alone doesn’t pay the bills. However, do not take your spouse for granted. Be sure to embrace them and spend quality time with them.

9. Unsupportive

Most marriages are founded on things that the couple has in common. However, even soul mates have different goals. Many of these goals were thought of before the marriage. So, be supportive of your spouse in their goals. Encourage them to achieve these goals. If something doesn’t work out, analyze the strong areas and weak areas of seeking these goals. Assist them in doing better.

8. Selfish

Share the wealth of love with your partner. Give, don’t always take. Remember, material things do not make up a life together; Love is the lifeboat of a marriage.

7. Obstinate

Always be willing to compromise. Even soul mates aren’t guaranteed to have everything in common. Be willing to let down your guard and give in to your partner. This way, you will learn something new about them and you may even discover something new about yourself.

6. Withdrawn

Communication is key. It is important to communicate with your partner, even if it is something hard for you talk about. It will help to talk about your problems with your spouse even if you don’t agree. Disagreements of course can be solved through compromising.

5. Lies

Never lie. Always be open and honest with spouse. When one lies it will take a lie to cove the original and one to cover the next. Well, you get the picture. Lies become a vicious circle to cover the truth.

4. Doubtful

 Get rid of the paranoia. Trust your spouse. Being paranoid and doubtful is unhealthy for your own mental health as well as stressful for your spouse. They will stress themselves out trying to prove their loyalty or they may grow tired and leave.

3. Disregarding

Be attentive. Listen to your mate. Notice their habits and make sure they are aware that you have observed their habits.

2. Unpassionate

Keep things hot! Provide continuous romantic gestures even if it is not a special ocassionl. Make sure your spouse know that they are loved.

1. Convenience

The number one rule of marriage is to make sure that you have married for the right reason. Too many times, married couples marry for the wrong reasons. This is the number one reason that most marriages end. Some spouses marry for convenience. This is a definite sign that a marriage is unhealty.

Therefore, to ensure that your marriage is healthy, be sure to know and understand the vows that you are promising to each other during the ceremony.  Some of the happiest couples  have had the smallest, cheapest wedding and may not live in a huge home. However, these people oddly seems to be the happiest because they took their vows more serious and married for love. Therefore, their marriage has some substinence.

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