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Twenty Signs That Your Boyfriend is About to Dump You

This is a list of twenty signs that your boyfriend is no longer going to be with you.

Boyfriends can be kind, considerate, caring, and thoughtful. They can also be egotistical, selfish, boorish, and mean. In the case of the later, here are twenty signs that your boyfriend is about to dump you:

  1. Your boyfriend refers to you in past tense
  2. Your boyfriend talks about sports all the time. You HATE sports talk.
  3. Your boyfriend postpones his date with you for a month
  4. Your boyfriend doesn’t kiss you anymore. He doesn’t hug you anymore. He just stares blankly in your presence.
  5. Your boyfriend starts to cough all the time as if he was allergic to you
  6. Your boyfriend talks endlessly about himself. He never kisses you, but he sure loves to kiss the mirror.
  7. Your boyfriend suggests that you sit in the back seat when he takes you out on a date
  8. Your boyfriend tells you that he is busy over the weekend and can’t see you at all.. You discover that he wasn’t too busy to take your best friend out on a passionate date.
  9. Your boyfriend puts an eviction notice in your purse
  10. Your boyfriend tells you that he likes you very much but…..
  11. Your boyfriend yawns every time you talk to him
  12. Your boyfriend orders dinner only for himself. He suggests that you can have his scraps.
  13. Your boyfriend gives you five loads of laundry to do while he goes over to his friend’s house to play basketball
  14. Your boyfriend tells you how much he appreciates your help in all of his academic classes. He suggests that his need for your assistance is over.
  15. Your boyfriend starts wearing his jeans low to attract other girls
  16. Your boyfriend tells you that he is moving in the end of the month to California. Unfortunately, California is 3,000 miles from your house.
  17. Your boyfriend starts snoring when he falls asleep. The more you push him, the louder he becomes.
  18. Your boyfriend plays a round of golf at an exclusive golf course. He will only take you golfing if it is miniature golf. He won’t pay for your game.
  19. Your boyfriend starts eating more and more daily. He complains that you never have enough junk food around in your apartment.
  20. Your boyfriend looks at you as if you didn’t even exist. He never shaves and only showers sparingly. He gives you the cold shoulder regularly. He dresses sloppily. He doesn’t care about you. It’s time that you didn’t care about him.
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