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“What are The Seven Words to Make a Woman Love You?”

Aki takes a much softer approach than usual, and explores a concept presented in The Kingkiller Chronicles as it applies to real life.

So, in my reading of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicles, I have run across this question. And, because I’ve never been one to leave well enough alone, started pondering the answer. I’ve done so much pondering in fact, that friends will likely accuse me of harping on the subject (the image of me attempting to play the harp is terrifying, I would probably garrote myself on accident, being the most graceful of beasts that I am.) To these friends I say, yes, yes I am. And when you figure out the answer I’ll stop. 

“I need you to breathe for me.” is one of the suggestions made by Rothfuss himself, indictating that the words need not be necessarily romantic. In fact, the character Kvothe around whom the story takes place has a habit of automatically using seven-word sentences when speaking to the woman he loves. She even teases him about it. However, teasing aside, it seems to work. But Rothfuss makes it perfectly clear that there’s a good chance she’s just in love with Kvothe because he’s Kvothe (a word which hear means, incredibly powerful and awkward with the ladies). Which is best any how. 

But are there words that help make a woman, or man, love you? In my hunt I’ve heard numerous suggestions, mostly involving household chores, which offends me a little, but whatever. At the same time, would those work? Is the way to her heart really though the dishwasher? Or does it depend on flattering her appearance or bringing her things? Its worth thinking about. 

Chances are I’m over-thinking this, in fact, if I’m not over thinking it the universe is a far stranger place than I’ve imagined (and you’ve not seen the inside of my head). I believe the seven words vary from woman to woman, like all personal matters. And its probably just a matter of figuring it out. So here’s my homework assignment to you, ladies, think back to the moment your heart softened towards your guy, what did he say? Was it seven words long? And guys, silently count the number of words  you used to woo her. It will of course be more than seven, but how many are in a sentence. I know that seven words, sarcastically spoken, won me over. 

“Well, you could sit on my lap.” 

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