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What Men Hate Most About Women

If you are a real man, these are the things you hate about woman. This will not apply for the men, who live in fear of his partner….


  • Women, who love to make plans without consulting men: When we think that we are going to have a relax weekend, we usually get shocked of hearing that she has got other plans in mind. So please tell us during the week and do not make us feel upset.
  • Women who try to show herself as a cultured person: Men are clever enough to feel something about women’s level of education, outlook and so on. So you do not need to be sophisticated, just be yourself.
  • Never ask our advice, if you will not take it: When women ask men advice, they usually say “I will do it first thing tomorrow”, but women never do it. They usually find an excuse and it is really annoying when you ask our advice and not take it.
  • Do Shopping with your friends, not with your boyfriend: There are wide variety of activities you can do with your partner. Shopping is one of the things that men hate most. So If you do not want your partner to hate you, ask your friends when you go shopping.
  • Don’t be jealous all the time: Men love freedom more than anything.Jealousy exasperates men. It revives relationship. It appears when woman does not trust man, but remember trust is the basis of all relationships.
  • Men are not only emotional support: When women always demand hugs, emotional support and caress, men get irritated. Do not be hysterically emotional.
  • Men hate women who tell them about their ex-lovers: Never tell a man about your ex-lover. It changes everything. It is something beyond jealousy.
  • Women should not test her lover: Women usually test men by asking questions such as “What are you thinking ?”. Then they just stand there and wait for the right answer. This really makes pressure on men.
  • Please Stop Crying: Actually, women can cry over everything from a broken relation to a movie on TV. But it is really annoying when women use their tears for everything.
  • Do not use sex to get what you want: Sex is a loving expression between lovers, so do not use it to manipulate men. Instead of this, just ask him a favor in a nice caring way.
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  1. Purnomosidhi

    On April 30, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    he he he U right :-)

  2. LoveDoctor

    On August 28, 2009 at 11:38 am

    So what is the point of having a physical relationship only if men are allergic to emotions? I read and hear men complain all the time about women being too needy, too clingy too controlling. But what do guys expect? If we are going to be intimate with you, then you should be able to handle whatever comes. And if not, well then don’t get intimate with the woman in the first place. For most women, sex is a bond and eventually feelings will develop and usually the woman will get attached regardless. So for all the men who are out of tune with their emotions, most women are like this. I agree that men love their freedom, but guess what, if you want your freedom then stay single. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You might be able to pull that with a weak-minded naive little girl but definitely not with the smarter types. you mention that men hate it when women talk about their ex lovers, however, what about them? They always look for a way to get us jealous and they usually keep their exes around even after they have broken up. So this is a double standard if you ask me. I am not a relationship expert, but I understand a lot about men and women and their differences and similarities.

  3. Natalie

    On September 1, 2009 at 10:41 am

    “If you are a real man, these are the things you hate about woman.”
    Hey Homer Simpson, does that sentence look/sound right to you?
    You didn’t write one intelligent sentence.
    “real men” are intelligent.

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