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When a Married Man Cheats on His Wife

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With a third of marriages ending in divorce and many of those that do not divorce being unhappy or bored it is no surprised that a lot of married men want to cheat on their wife.  It makes you wonder if there is any point to marriage!  Some of the married men who cheat are really just not cut out to be married and should have stayed single.  They are not grown up or responsible enough to stick at something or make it work.  They just want fun, sex and excitement and take a day at a time with no thought to the future or hurting others.

When a married man is bored or unhappy at home he asks himself should I divorce my partner?  Very often they decide not to and one wonders why as it is probably the best solution.  It can be because of religion, appearances, family, money, having nowhere to go, losing his job or because of the children.  But usually it is because he quite likes the way things are at home but wants fun and excitement too.

Then he has to decide if he is going to leave can he leave straight away or does he have to wait a while because of obstacles that need sorting.

But if we assume this married man does not have the bottle to leave or has obstacles that get in the way so that he cannot leave now he has to decide whether or not to stay faithful and make do with a stale marriage or cheat on his spouse.  This would mean that he would be having an affair or affairs.   Usually he assumes that having an affair is just about finding the excitement and sex he wants, but it is rarely that simple.  You have to ask yourself are affairs worth it?  If he is lucky and he finds a married woman who is unhappily married he might be able to get her into bed,  but then she will often be too busy to meet up with him as she has to put her husband first and she may be wanting him to leave his wife so that he can be with her.  Married women who are unhappily married usually find a younger single man if they are after excitement. They want a man who is fit, healthy and more available than the married man.  The married man who wants to cheat thinks his perfect woman is very keen on sex and drops her knickers when he clicks his fingers. Such a woman does not exist or she works in a brothel where she gets paid well for casual sex.  She certainly would not be interested in a married man who is usually too busy with his wife or work to see her.  If she is very keen on sex she will want a man who can give her sex all day every day,  not just now and then when it suits him.   Sometimes the married man thinks he wants a one night stand,  but are one night stands worth it?  Women who are very beautiful and young are rarely interested in or needing to make do with one night stands nor married men! 

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