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When Age Gap Relationships Don’t Work

Age gap relationships can be very successful, but sometimes there are problems that simply can’t be overcome and that prevent an age gap relationship from working.

Age gap relationships could be very rewarding for both lovers but unfortunately there are many cases when age gap relationships won’t work, no matter how hard you try to make them work. It is not surprising that the problems that make an age gap relationship impossible to work are more or less the same as the problems with other relationship. And, no, your Mom/Dad, friends, etc. are against your lover is not a reason why an age gap relationship doesn’t work. The reasons why an age gap relationship won’t work are related to the relationship itself, not to interference from third parties. Here are some problems that can crash an age gap relationship:

  • You are together because both or one of you can’t find another lover. Age gap relationships are not the only case when one of the lovers stays because he or she doesn’t want to be single but can’t find another lover. It is possible for a young boy/girl or for a middle-aged man or woman to be so unattractive that he or she can’t hook up with a peer, but this is relatively rare. Still, if your case is like that – i.e. your lover is with you because he or she is not popular among his or her peers, consider separation because your age gap relationship will hardly ever work.

  • One of the lovers is using the other. This is another common age gap relationship problem. It used to be that young girls are hooking with older men because of money, prestige, somebody to take care of them, or other reasons but now, when there are many rich women in their 40s or 50s, it becomes common for guys too to date an older lady just because this is beneficial. Such relationships are rightfully called “Dad-daughter” or “Mother-son” relationships and if you are the “Dad” or “Mom” in such a relationship, you’d better consider getting rid of the “kid” who is using you.

  • You are planets apart. As with all kinds of relationships, when you feel that you are planets apart – i.e. your interests are so different, this means that the relationship won’t work. Sure, there is no way that the two of you like and dislike absolutely the same things but when your views are polar, this is too bad. It is possible that the difference in views has nothing to do with age and the age gap but if this difference is present, then you know that the age gap relationship won’t work.

As you see, many of the reasons why an age gap relationship doesn’t work have nothing to do with age. The problems that break a relationship are so similar to the problems any other couple has, so it can’t be said that the age gap between you is the reason why things don’t work. The age gap might be one more nail in the coffin of your relationship but it is certainly not the decisive factor.

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