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When You Born? Maybe This is One of Your Character!

About unique confidance.

Mind Control (Photo credit: jurvetson)

Ambitious and serious.
Glad to teach and are taught.
Work hard and productive.
Know how to make others happy.
Some kind of quiet but angry or happy.
It’s easy to see the weaknesses of others and like to criticize.
Diligent and always made any profit.
Like clean up or clean-up and the things that completely regular.
Is sensitive, deep minded.
Good at taking care of others.
Easy to discipline themselves.
Being romantic but not very good at showing off
Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds
Quite fond of children.
Like stay at home.
Faithful to everything.
Need to learn to live socializing.
Having jealousy is very high.

Abstract thinking.
Intelligent, wise and genius.
Having a volatile personality.
Easy captivates others.
Quiet, shy and humble.
Honest and loyal to everything.
Persevering to achieve goals.
Dislike curbed.
Easy to show his anger.
Be friendly but lacking love showing it off.
Very bold and rebellious.
Aspiring and likes to daydream
Optimistic to realize his dream.
Love entertainment and would love to be art objects.
Do not like the things that are not necessary.
Romantic inside not outside.

Attractive and charming personality.
Very shy and pemendam flavor.
Very good, honest, generous and easy sympathy.
Love the peace.
Very sensitive to others.
Not easily angered and very good natured.
Know reply and remember the favor of people.
Abattoir and judging others
The tendency to hold grudges
Like dreaming.
Like it traveled up.
Very spoiled and love to be of very high concern.
Like the household decoration.
Have artistic talent in music.
Glad to things special and nice.
Too moody.

Very active and dynamic.
Polite, friendly and kind.
Fast acting for but quickly regretted the decision.
Very interesting and likes attention.
Have a strong mental power.
Diplomatic (clever coax, make friends and solve problems).
Very brave and there is no fear.
Like adventure, loving, affectionate, polite and generous.
The trend is even.
Strong retention.
Intuition is very strong.
Clever push themselves and motivate others.
The disease is usually between the head and chest.
Very jealous and too jealous.

Stubborn and hard-hearted.
Strong spirit and highly motivated.
Keen mind.
Clever engaging others and attract attention.
Profound feelings.
Program in terms of mental and physical.
Permanent establishment but easily influenced by others.
Easily persuaded.
Being systematic (brain
Like dreaming.
Stronger the feeling, to understand what occurred in the hearts of others without being told.
High imagination.
Clever arguing.
The disease is usually between the ears and neck.
Having a good imagination
Like literature, art and music and traveled up.
Weak breathing
Diligent and high-spirited.
Somewhat wasteful.

Minded deep and insightful.
Easy to use or be used for attitude either.
Gentle mannered.
Easy to change attitudes, temperament, ideas and mood.
Idea is too much in the head.
Be sensitive.
His brain is active (always thinking).
Is in doubt.
Being a procrastinator.
Being too picky and always want the best.
Quick to anger and quick cool.
Likes to talk and argue.
Likes to make jokes or jokes and humorous
His brain smart daydream.
Friendly, easy and be friendly panda.
People who are very orderly.
Clever show off attitude.
Easily get colds
Quickly bored.
Attitudes are choosing and chatty.
Slowly recover when hurt.

Very pleased when accompanied.
Many secretive and difficult to understand, especially men.
Not like to pester people
other but do not get mad when troubled.
Quiet except for being happy or angry
So keep the heart or feelings of others.
Easy entertaining
Clever and funny / witty
Honest and easy to entertain people
Care about others’ feelings
Friendly and discreet.
Irritable and unpredictable
Having feelings
smooth and easily moved
Forgiving but will never forget
Do not like things that make sense and do not need
Guiding people physically and mentally
To judge others through observation
Work hard, be alert and sharp

Like joking and kidding.
Courtesy and concern for others.
Be brave and do not know the word fear.
The person to be somewhat firm and leadership.
Clever entertain others.
Too generous and selfish.
Values ​​are very high esteem.
Attractive and thirst for praise.
Love the attention to people, fast minded and observant.
Tremendous fighting spirit.
Quick-tempered and easily rampage.
Irritable when on provocation
Talented in the arts, music and defense.
Susceptible to disease.
Loving and caring
Happy looking fella.

Very good manners.
Very thorough, meticulous, organized, and carefully
Likes admonish and criticize someone else’s fault.
Quiet but clever in
Attitude is very cool, very nice and easy sympathy.
Trustworthy, loyal and honest
Works well
Highly sensitive but not unknown.
Having a good memory
Clever and knowledgeable
Glad to find information.
Must control oneself when criticizing.
Able to motivate yourself
Understand and are happy to keep a secret
Pleased with sports, entertainment and sightseeing.
Less show her feelings.
Injury kept him so long.

Happy to chat.
Love people who love him.
Like to take the middle ground.
Very charming and well-mannered.
Beauty inside and out.
Not good at lying and pretending.
Easy sympathy, well, more concerned friend.
Always be friendly.
His heart was easily distracted but merajuknya shortly.
Has a bad temper
Fancier and very stubborn
Selfish, rarely help people unless asked.
Like to see from his own perspective.
Dislike accept the views of others.
Emotions are easily disturbed.
Said fine language, love and care
Like it traveled up, the field of literature and art.
Romanesque in romance.
Easily annoyed and jealous heart.
Like outdoor activities.
It’s easy to lose confidence.
Boros and easily influenced by the surrounding.

Many ideas.
It is difficult to understand or be understood manner.
Unique minded and wise.
Full of new ideas extraordinary.
Forward thinking and sharp.
Power hunch very fine and high.
Can be a good doctor
Be careful and vigilant, careful and meticulous.
The nature of the secretive, clever
ferret out and seek confidential.
Many think, less talk but friendly.
Brave, generous, loyal, and patient.
If there is a will, there is a way.
Hard angry unless provoked
Never give up
Clever motivate yourself.
Not appreciate the praise of others.
High spirits
People who are strong.

Very loyal and generous.
Be patriotic.
Very active in games and interaction.
The attitude of impatience and haste.
Like to be an influential person in the organization.
Like praise and diberiperhatian
Very honest and trustworthy.
Not good at pretending.
Changing temperament.
Not selfish although the price is high.
Hate when restrained.
Sense of humor and jokes
Good at making jokes and think with logic.

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